Favourite High Street Nudes.

Gone are the days of my love for bold lips and even bolder eyeliner- yes, my makeup past has been ‘that’ questionable.  Nowadays, you’ll tend to see a softer natural side to my makeup. Nude lips have evolved from a trend to a lifestyle choice! A choice many women wouldn’t leave the house without- just like me.
By me.

High street brands have really stepped up their game when it comes to a nude lip. With many low budget brands rivalling their high end counter parts for the title of best ‘nude’. Looking through my makeup bag its clear, there are definitely a few favourites.

L’Oreal, Colour Riche, Blush in a rush, 103.

After everyone and their mother raving about Blush in a Rush it had to be a part of my list. The lipstick itself is so comfortable on the lip. Soft and not harsh, not only is Blush in a rush a perfect day time lipstick- pretty much the full range is one of the most wearable lipstick launches I have seen in a long time.

Blush in a Rush, however, is my favourite 

. I fell for the hype and I was by no means disappointed. The soft flush of pink really warms the complexion of pale skin. A perfect, subtle, rose nude.

Nyx, Lingerie, 06 Push Up.

by me.
The liquid lipstick fad may have died down a little but some are definitely still going strong. Ultra Matte and incredibly pigmented, Nyx Lingerie are one of the best on the high street. The formula is incredibly dry, lip scrubs and balms are essential for this product.

Push up is a beautiful, brown toned nude- definitely a your lips but better colour. I can’t stop reaching for this product at the moment.

L’Oreal Lip Paint Matte, Hollywood Beige, 201.

I am obsessed with this product, so much so that I’ve just ordered a few new colours. Lip paint Matte’s. are so comfortable on the lip- seriously,  I can’t stress this enough. With a wand that allows the product to glide onto your lip, application is truly effortless. The weightless formula and easy application really does make the whole range of lip paints a cut about the rest.

A little on the darker side of nude, Hollywood Beige is perfect if you want a little more colour. The orange undertone, really makes lip pop against a fresh faced look.

by me.
MaxFactor, Burnt Caramel, 745.

I know I have raved about this product before, but MaxFactor have really out done themselves with this lipstick. With a formula, that’s creamy(yes, I really did just put that)  and rich, YET, still comfortable enough to use for day. The only down side to this lipstick is that it doesn’t last too long, so regular top ups will be required.

The colour is beautiful. Yes, it is on the edge of nude- but let’s just make a minor exception for such an amazing lipstick.

What do you think? What’s your go to nude?

All the love.




  1. I loved this post babe! You've included some fantastic affordable nudes. I love the look of the l'oreal matte one!! I already have one of those in a red shade but the nude is stunning xxxxxx

    1. Aww thank you so much! I actually loved writing! I've really got the bug recently.

      Honestly, it is the most comfortable formula I have ever worn! if you can cope with the up keep its definitely one for you! xx

  2. I really need to check out some of these! My lipstick collection is seriously lacking in the nude department, personally I tend to reach for reds. I do however have bourjois velvet matte in nudist, and paired with Rimmel lipliner in Eastend Snob is one of my favourite pairings.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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