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It seems as though I haven’t blogged in awhile, in fact, I haven’t. Recently I’ve lost complete motivation for everything. Savings, blogging, healthy eating it’s safe to say it’s all gone out of the window and ran away with the fairies.  Motivation doesn’t really come naturally to me, constant self-doubt and panic attacks, tend to rule my life. Well I’m tired of it. Life doesn’t stop and neither should  I (or you).
Time waits for no man…
Motivation may not come naturally to me but it is something I strive to have. Think of it as my motivation to be motivated(how ironic). After sitting down and attempting to write this post three or four times, I have really had to assess how I am going to get my motivation back.
Take a break.
When you are trying so hard, it can almost create a pressure cooker effect. ‘This has to be done’, ‘this should be completed by now’, these are all saying everyone is guilty of muttering all too often. At times we all need to give ourselves a little bit of a break.
Taking time away isn’t a bad thing, often you come back with a better attitude. Having a break isn’t selfish, it doesn’t mean that you have changed your end goal. Creating ‘your best self’ isn’t about the hours you put into your work, it's about being the person you want to be- does anyone want to be the stressed out girl crying at her computer at 2am ? I know I don’t.
After too many late night sessions, I had a complete week off blogging, no comments, barely any  promotional tweets, pretty much a complete break. And I can’t tell you how much better I feel for it.
Write a list of weekly goals.
Blogging for most is a hobby, so most projects we ‘have’ to complete, really don’t need to be done there and then. Writing a weekly list of things to complete is a great way to kick start your motivation to get back into blogging. Restrict the list to about 5 things, make sure all the goals are realistic. Remember if all of your weekly goals don’t get completed it doesn’t matter- it’s not the end of the world.
Start with something as simple as scheduling some promotional tweets. A great way to kick of a to do list. Starting off with a simple task will really help you gain momentum, leading to the completion of your to do list- let’s face it, the feeling off scribbling out a completed task is amazing.
Obviously, you have to work to deadlines given for sponsored posts- if you’re lucky enough to have them they have to become a priority and should high up on your to do list. Working with brands is such a great opportunity – never take it for granted.
End your list with something enjoyable.
Love photography, go and have a shoot. Have a pampering session (we all have products to review, right?)- just make sure you give yourself a treat.

Motivation is difficult to have at the best of times, keeping it, is a completely different matter in itself. Blogging is full of pressurized situations and I can promise you, we all feel like we should be doing more. Just remember not everyone has the same story, we all have our paths we need to go down. Motivating yourself to keep going when you have nothing left, is difficult but you’re not alone.

Let me know in the comments what you do when you lose motivation.

All the love,
Em x



  1. A. I love reading these. It's so helpful because when I 'officially' started my blog I didn't realize the amount of effort and motivation it took so I just didn't. It's good to know other people have this struggle too.

    Lately when I need a break - I read. I pick up a book I've been wanting to dig into and I just destress by diving into another world.

    1. I don't think any one does. So much effort goes into it, it isn't a few quick pictures and a few words- it all takes time.

      I seriously love to read at the moment- do you have any book recommendations'? I don't think my current book will be around for long.

  2. Good on you for finishing this post, Em! Every achievement should be celebrated, even if it seems like a small one! I think your advice for finding motivation is great - taking a break and remembering that blogging is just a hobby (for very many of us) is really important as it stops us pressurizing ourselves and turning blogging into an obligation that we resent! I hadn't thought of ending my to-do lists with a treat, that's such a good idea and something I'll definitely start doing!

    Abbey 🌻 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Yes, that's exactly my point. I understand that many of us would love to blog full time but in reality, we can't. There's so much pressure in blogging and It can all get a little too much.

      Its honestly, my favourite things to do! Such a treat after a long week.

  3. I lose motivation loads! Just other stuff gets in the way or i would rather nap. I schedule posts when I am motivated for as far forward as I can and that oddly keeps me motivated. Xxxxxx


    1. Yes, to all the naps! That's such a great trick actually. I never thought of it.


  4. I'm the same as you with motivation! I really have to build myself up to get motivated to work and complete things. When I do lose motivation I take a short break from what I'm doing and listen to some music and, sometimes, I'll have a little cry.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. Sometimes, a cry is needed!

      Taking time away is necessary to just give yourself a break.

      At least we know we aren't alone Lauren!


  5. I completely agree with you, Em! I felt quite demotivated with my blog recently too but after a little break, I'm back on track and even happier. I find myself apologising for not having a post up, but I've realised that my fellow blogging friends don't care about how often I post but care more about my wellbeing and I love that! :) for a lot of us, blogging is simply a hobby, so we should be able to enjoy it.


    1. Yes, I hate not having post's up! I swear the girls I've met along the way keep me going!

      Exactly. You have to do what is best for you!


  6. I'm so glad that you had a break Em, you've been working so so hard and you deserved some time off! That being said, your blog is still absolutely amazing, and your just nailing the whole blogging game xx


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