Night with the chili peppers

Thursday 15th November- the night I will never forget.

For years I have always associated my dad with The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I have so many memories of him singing by the way in the car. There are so many RHCP songs I hear and instantly i am back to being a five year old thinking looking at my dad in rose tinted glasses.

Don't get me wrong, my dad and I have had issues like any other relationship. Some how, there were two things that's always brought us back together. Star wars and RHCP!

Epic daughter goals.

After hearing the RHCP tour announcement i ran down stairs and asked my dad if  he wanted it as his Christmas present. He instantly said yes! At least after checking he could have the time of work!

The lead up to the show was quite tame, with both of use feeling unsure of everything. So many questions which gave me anxiety, would they live up to expectations, have I been conned by the ticket company ? Could we argue ?

None of this mattered in the end. It was perfect and I'm so happy I got to see a legendary band with my dad. Memories like this night, last forever. Forever timeless.

The Gig.

From By the Way to Dani California, RHCP were incredible. The atmosphere was electric, with every person in the crowd screaming the lyrics of every song back to the band with every bit of energy they had. I have been to a lot of gigs, festivals and shows, nothing will ever compare to this night again. I am so happy that I will always have this memory with my dad.

Drive home.

As a rule the drive home was so simple, what wasn't simple was the hour we had to wait to get out of the car park. Although, I have been taught a lesson, when going to a gig , pre-pay for parking!

I had such an amazing night, hope you enjoyed this little blog!
Em x


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