The Weekend Edit: 24!

Hey all!

So this is my perfect, slightly packed weekend for my 24th Birthday! Filled with everything a Christmas baby could want, friends, family and Prosecco. Let the madness of 24 commence.


Overall, Friday was lovely, so quiet and filled with family. When I got home from work my mum greeted me with such a lovely cuddle with and one of my favorite dinners and a huge coffee. My lovely boyfriend (sometimes not so lovely), drove an hour to see me and gave me the cutest, yet slightly embarrassing card! After that excitement, we curled up, drank wine and nattered the night away.

Saturday! Chaos!

The morning came around so quickly! Unfortunately, boyfriend had to go to work so couldn't stay with me a little longer. Saying that, my best friend, came to give me presents and start our lovely little trip to York Christmas Market! With the train only being 21 minutes exactly I can't believe I'm not a regular!

Once the train had arrived, we just followed the crowd(quite literally) to the Christmas market. Walking past a few of my favorite stores, Debenhams, Molton Brown and to my surprise SpaceNK! Festivities filled York from Christmas lights, to trees to even an Olaf ice sculpture!It felt so magical.

Adding to the magic...

When finding out bearings, we saw the beauty of Thor's Tipi! And I am so excited we did! It was so magical, from the log fire, mulled wine and even just the general buzz added to the beauty of the day! Once we decided we were hungry we went to scope out some doughnuts (cheat day?). And believe me they were worth it. I had three, oops. After walking around a little more we found The Golden Lion and decided to have a one while waiting for the others.

The uni girls arrived!

Once the girls has arrived, we had a little stroll around the market! It was manic, you couldn't move, it was so claustrophobic! Saying that we did have a few pit stops for the Christmas market essentials, marshmallows, cheese and chili jam. After that we went to the very festive, Pizza Express where we were squashed around a table, feeling slightly awkward.

Saying all this, I really loved it and I couldn't be more thankful for my gifts and the people who spent this day with me.


What is it about Christmas trimmings that make families argue? After a morning running errands, we all decided to put the trimmings up and the first Ramsell bickering session of the season commenced. At least I know we're not the only ones. Right?

After 2 to 3 hours of decorating, we are festive! Our little grotto is here, filled with lightsand love! A tree, trimmings around the fire and a few winter scented candles. Our little family Christmas cave is completed.

The weekend that I loved...

Its been the most perfectly manic birthday weekend, if this is what 24 started off like, I can't wait to see what adventures are to come!

Em x


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