Winter night routine.

Hi all,

As the winter nights are drawing in and the rain has officially come to stay, its the time of year for skin to cry out for help. Dry noses, chapped lips plus hormones, are all a cause for the ultimate disaster, especially with those Christmas parties just a few weeks away!

So its time to light a Christmas scented candle, put Micheal Buble on have a few seasonal pampering sessions and here are a few tips that I just couldn't live without.

With summer a distant memory, its time to break out those Christmas candle! A current favorite of mine is the Winter collection from Next, the candles can burn for up to 60 hours and are only £12! The candle holder itself, is just beautiful, the embedded gold design its so festive.

Spiced cranberry scents, with cover your home. From star anise to ginger, the stunning smells engulf making the a stresses of daily life ease with every breathe. Festive scents create an air of relaxation, perfect for watching Christmas films with rain pummeling your window.

Blankets, tea and films.
With a new winter, new bedding and blankets must be bought. Primark have out done themselves this year, with brushed cotton sheets for £3-6 (dependent on size), fleece blankets with beautiful detailing for all bed sizes. My current favorite blanket is a beautiful festive, with a soft, fluffy lining to keep you toasty and warm, with prices ranging from as little as £8.00, you'd be mad to miss these beautiful winter traditional necessities.

Bridget Jones, The holiday,Sky movies. Depending on your movie preferences, there is plenty of choice of movies any where you look. Every channel is filled with Disney, Harry Potter or some sort of chick flick, I'm sure there is always will be something to keep you entertained in the quieter times of Christmas.

Washing away the demands of kids, car or other adult responsibilities with a huge mug of tea. Nothing can be better than a steaming cup of Twinning's Earl Grey. The ultimate British, treat.

Hope this little blog, can help tackle those festive blues!

Em x


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