Weekend Edit:The Quiet one.

Hi all,

So I'm aiming to do my Weekend Edit at least three times a month.I can't say i am the most interesting of people but I'm hoping to break out of my bubble. Some weekend (like this one) may be slightly on the boring side with not may activities planned or scheduled. Some maybe jam packed with numerous shopping trips meals out or just a girlie day out. I promise to try and make it as interesting as possible so lets get to it!

The Weekend Edit:

This weekend is the calm before the storm, just a quiet few days before I turn another year older and before our Christmas lights start twinkling.

Friday Night.
My Fridays are always slightly rubbish. I'm very much a home bunny, so the thought of curling up with a film and writing for The Student Pocket Diary, is a pretty perfect night.

Of course there was a slight pamper by using the Nip and Fab Plumping serum, £6.99 from boots and my Clinique eye cream, £22.50 also from boots. So a slightly boring night a head (i promise it will get more interesting!

Saturday morning started off with a little visit to Matalan with my parents, where i picked a of the shoulder black top i had been eyeing up for a little while (a bargain at only£12) and  pair of jeans. After a coffee was bought and all the shops were exhausted we decided to go home, little did i realise i was nearly going to be late for my hair appointment.

So, after jumping in my car, most of my day was spent with my very patient hairdresser! Turning my extremely yellow highlights into a beautiful Ash blond. I had fallen in love with grey months before but i had work to think about and what would my mum think ? When my amazing hairdresser Neira suggested  Ash blond yes just popped out of my mouth without thinking.So four and a half hours, a dye and a toner later my hair was done and i was in love. I just wish i did something to show it off, but i just ate pizza at home with my dad.

Prior to leaving the hair dresser, Neira made me swear to get some silver shampoo and to continue using my Moroccan Oil. I thought, the shampoo would be so expensive and hard to find. Neither the less, Tesco came to my rescue. Finding this little bargain for just £3! It's so easy to use, and it foams quite nicely. Which surprised me!

The rest of my Sunday was sat in my pajamas, putting the food shop away and planning my extremely exciting birthday weekend.

Lets tackle, Monday!


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