Apirational and Memorable Purchase's

I am a massive believer in having high aspirations.Doing something that you never thought possible, feels the most incredible thing in the world. When reaching these accomplishments its only natural that you buy or some one else (if your lucky)buys you something. From trainers to key rings anything can be an inspirational
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purchase.Here are just a few which I think might inspire you to go achieve those goals!

So simple, yet so worth it. It is commonly known that smells take us back to memories. Having a specific perfume can tiger memories from a job, getting married or just from an amazing time in your life. For me, personally, Olympea by Paco Rabanne (£60 from boots for the large bottle). The smell takes me back to September when i passed my driving test, met someone and just enjoyed my life.

Associating a smell or perfume with a certain time in your life will always take you back to that moment in time. Something you truly will treasure forever.

This doesn't have to be a Luxe brand, it can be something you bought in a market on the best day of your life. Jewellery will always fill you with emotions from the day or moment in time, yes, people tend to associate this with wedding and engagement rings, but it really doesn't have to be.

My personal inspirational goal is an Olivia Burton watch.I am currently at a pivotal (or i feel pivotal) point in my life where I earn my own money, am some what comfortable with who I am and am quite close to being to cope with my anxiety. This watch to me will symbolize that even when you thought it was never possible.

Ultimate goals! Image from Mybagbrag.com

From Bags to spa days theirs something to be said about the feel of a designer purchase on your arm Whether gifted or bought yourself, Luxe products do make you feel confident. When achieving a new job or just a life long goal, rewarding yourself with Louis Vuitton bag or a Tiffany bracelet will always remind you of what you have achieved and hopefully drive you to accomplish more.

Accomplishments come from so much and everyone aspirations are different. Aiming to be a success in your field, an activist or a mother, does not in any way make achieving  personal goals less successful. Buying or being given something special at any time, it will always bring back so many memories and could continue to give you the drive and determination needed to reach your full potential.

Much love,
Em x


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