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Hi everyone,

So, I know I was a little poor with my blogging last week. I’ve been feeling really low and just needed some time to myself. Putting away my laptop and just having a few days to myself really helped me relax.Whilst having a little bit of time, I realized I am awfully hard on myself. I ‘should’ be this, I ‘should’ be that, its draining to keep telling yourself something that you 'should' be.

It seems all too easy to put yourself down and continue to be a positive influence on others. After taking a step back I soon realized a positive influence, is one that takes the time to take their own advice.
‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’- Anonymous.

Constantly needing to improve.

Like many others I strive to become better, from learning a new language to buying my first home. There is a fine line between bettering yourself and hindering yourself. At some point you are going to have to sit back and assess what you can and can’t achieve.

Tips and Tricks.

Start taking little steps, for instance you want a new job, look for online courses- which you can do in your own time, to develop and home your skills. Just changing one part of your life will sometimes feel like you’re getting nowhere. Yet please believe me when I say, a few small steps will in time turn into a major leap forward you need.

Having people around you who support and care for you is such a cliché but a help. Changing your life one step at a time will always seem daunting when doing so alone. The task isn’t impossible but is definitely more difficult that having positive support around you.

Pressure from others.

Everyone at some point has felt some sort of pressure from others, whether its smoking in your teens to situations, which make you feel inadequate as an adult. Currently I struggle with the fact I have extremely successful and confident friends who seem to have the world at their feet. In the past I have felt jealous and bitter about their amazing life styles, I just didn’t understand why I wasn’t good enough to be on their level. I would never wish them any less of what they have earned, because they have worked their arse off for it.

It’s very easy to look at people through rose tinted glasses. It’s easy to think that some people skate through life without a worry, but they don’t. People who are at the top work for it- for the most part. My friends are all women who continuously break glass ceilings whether in their own expectations or otherwise. Something in the future I hope to achieve.

Pressure from others is awful, although sometime needed. With pressure comes the word ‘should’. We ‘should’ have this house, I ‘Should’ have a career. The silly thing about it all is that if you are trying, hoping and praying to do something, then eventually (no matter how long it takes) it will happen.

Tips and tricks.
The only tip I can give is do what you ‘want’ to do not what you think you ‘should’ do.

Being highly aware of competition.

Competition is everything. Sport, work, shopping and definitely social media has become thoroughly competitive with many failing to make the cut. It’s very easy to look on Instagram and this I wish I was you were a influencer. Yet, you don’t see the hours put in behind the camera. The 76 images of the same flat lays, the 12 pieces of equipment that goes everywhere with them and simply places they just can’t go because they don’t allow cameras.

I constantly feel like what I put out isn’t enough in all areas of life; that someone else is doing more. There isn’t any filter, doing too much made me ill and doing too little made me anxious. Currently I’m anxious that my blog is new and as much as I appreciate readers, I don’t have the connection with an audience yet. Although I’m hoping time will help that.

Tips and tricks.

Take a step back, look to the person you were 5 years ago, look how you’ve developed. If times have been hard then you got through them. Life sometimes gets in the way, but don’t be too scared of life to forget how to live.

Moving forward.

If you take anything from this blog is, every lesson will build you as a person and no matter what your going through some one will understand. Life gets in the way sometimes and that’s okay, taking small steps rather than huge leaps will always ensure you are in the right place.

Thanks you for reading, please feel free to leave a comment.

Em x


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