What I'd tell my younger self!

Hi everyone,

So recently I've been feeling very nostalgic. My life continues to change daily and with that so does the choices I make.Looking back over the past few years I feel proud to say that I am a completely different person to the young girl I once was. So I decided to write a blog designed to remind myself of the things I have learn along the way.

1. First and foremost, stop comparing yourself  to everyone else!Seriously, you'll make yourself ill.

I spent years, comparing myself to others and feeling so low about myself. It really takes its tole on every aspect of your life. It's okay to not look like a model, its okay to not be as smart as your friend and trust me no one has it all together! No matter how amazing people pretend to be,or how organized or unscathed by things everyone has their story to tell.

Comparing yourself is a natural part of life when we a  surrounded by images of what perfect should be. But is 'Perfect' really perfect? No, YOU  are made to be yourself and that is pretty amazing. As i sit here at 24, this is something I now live by. A friend once said to me, 'its okay to be different, everyone has their own stories to write'. I don't think I've heard wiser words said.

2. Stop letting people tell you what to do.

Weather it's Magazines trends, or just some ill advised opinion from a family friend, stop listening to people. Living by other people expectations will hinder you in the long run. Yes, hold peoples opinion to a high standard if they are a positive influence in your life but you have to not let it control every decision of your life.

People will walk in and out of your life but you are the constant. Making decisions on what makes you happy will ensure you spend a lot less hours crying over another lost friendship,relationship or bully.

3. There is help out there.

I suffered with anxiety for years before I realized I needed help.I have talked preciously about this and found that initially asking for help is the hardest part. Many of my friends and family knew I was struggling, but you cant help someone who doesn't want to help themselves.

4. Bloody eat!

Like many others in their teens I struggled with my weight- in fact I still do to this day. The major difference is that now I am actively trying to be healthier, not skinny. In all honesty being just a little bit fat compared to friends isn't the worst thing in the world. Yet, losing yourself due to it is.

I try now to maintain a some what healthy life style with meal planning and the odd piece of cake, everything in moderation.

5. It might just be the wrong time.

Many opportunists will come to you, many of which may not be good but you still learn. Most opportunities are 'successful' when the time is right. Try not to desperately hang on to something your struggling to cope with. I lost a few jobs, friends and relationships by trying to control the situation.

Overall, you might not be in the situation where you want to be. Yet look how far you have come from the person you were five years ago.  Even in the darkest times, you now have the knowledge that you can and will overcome most things. There are many exciting things, yet to come.


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