Feeling a little lost?

Sourced Tripadvisor. This was obviously taken on a much sunnier day!
Everybody I speak to seems to be struggling at the moment. Whether its the weather? Lack of vitamin D or we all just need a bit of retail therapy? I'm not sure, but feeling down definitely takes its tole. Therefore this weekend I made it my mission to spend a small amount of time a day to make myself feel better.So here a few of my relaxation techniques that seem to work for me, hope this helps if your a little blue.

Friday- nothing beats an early night.

I didn't spend much time relaxing on Friday. I did however spend 40 minutes reading Harry Potter and reliving a little bit of my teens.Yet, by 9pm my eyes were starting to close and the land of nod was calling.

Saturday- Technology black out!

After waking up feeling a little more refreshed after an early night and a lie in. The day got off to an extremely slow start, after not leaving the house until well after 12, general chores seemed to take so much longer than normal. With queues a mile long in Sainsbury's, traffic galore and a little tiff with my mum I was happy to go home.

After coming home and putting my feet up with my mum for an hour or so. I decided to go upstairs turn my phone off and just have some time away from people, social media and just have a little time on my own. Two naps later I started to feel like I should do something. So I tidied my room, did some washing and the went upstairs an continued to read until about 6.

After turning my phone back on, put on a Vlog and started getting ready for drinks with my boyfriend. Once both he and I had eaten, got ready, we finally left the house and enjoyed a very lovely hour or so together. After three very large glasses of wine, I went home and ate every bit of chocolate we had in the fridge!


After walking up with a little bit of a headache, my boyfriend and I went for a walk around the local boating lake.After walking around for over 2 hours in -1 temperatures without a coat (yes, I am an idiot)we decided to head home and have a lovely Sunday roast with my mum. Having a little time on our own, helped relax me incredibly. Walking in beautiful surroundings with only dog walkers to talk too was lovely. And I had plenty of cuddles from some beautiful looking puppies.

I know I've rambled on....

This blog is a little chatty, but I wanted to give any reader some ideas on how to cope with feeling a little blue. Having time out and away by doing something as menial as a walk or reading a book will always help - even in the most stressful situations. Spending time with loved ones or on your own can also be an escape in itself. Find ways to help you relax is key to feeling like you can keep on tackling the worlds problems. So go on, have an hour to yourself! You deserve it!

Hope the helps!


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