Handbag Necessities!

Hi everybody,

I thought I would to my handbag necessities, these products may be slightly on the boring side. Although they are the things I always have with and to be honest I couldn't live without them.

1, Burts Bees Hydrating Coconut and Pear Lip Balm.
I suffer with my lips quite a lot, when ever the weather changes, or I'm testing new lipstick my lips chap and can even sometimes bleed. I've never found a lip balm that can counter act these issues. That is, until I found Burts Bee's in Boots(£1.19). Having recently put my lips through the trauma of having a  cold, Burts Bee's have rescued my lips once again.

The ultimately hydrating formula is amazing, it doesn't leave lips feeling sticky. When a lot of product is on the lips it can feel oily, although that is from the coconut enfused within the formula. The smell of coconut and pear really is lovely and would be lovely in all season's.  Overall, I love this product, it doesn't break the budget, it works and you can feel it working in just a few hours.

2,Bourjois,Rouge Edition Velvet No17,True Brown £8.99.
I have been obsessed with this product for well over a year. It looks, completely different on everybody, it's completely unique. Its really subtle, brown not too light it washes you out  and not to dark that it makes you look dead. The formula is really light, perfect for the day and its really easy to layer to create a more dramatic look.

3, Tissues.
A relatively boring thing, but they are a necessity. Anything from a cold to having a too much lipstick on tissues are needed. I'm not apposed to any brand, cheap or expensive I need tissues!

4, Card wallet.
I never even knew Card wallets existed until watching I Covert thee and Lydia Millen talk about these amazing little things. If your like me and only really carry your cards, sometimes a purse can get too much. So I downsized to this card wallet from Next(£8). The crocodile effect is beautiful,its quite exaggerated which makes a lovely contrast to the black coloring.

It carries everything i need, including a little bit of change in the back.I have no idea why i didn't have one before but i do now and i don't see that changing anytime soon.

5. Hand Cream.
Last but not least, hand cream is one of my favorite things. I am slightly a hand-cream flusey and go from brand to brand but currently I am using Avon's Argon oil hand cream. I really like it, it leaves my hands feeling soft and I don't have to keep reapplying it to keep the moisture.

Although, it does seem to make my hands slightly oily, meaning you can't touch anything for at least five minutes after using. This was gifted to me but I can't say for definite that I'd repurchase.

Hope this has given you a little insight into what I
always have in my bag! Have a lovely week!



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