Lush: Valentine's Review.

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Lush - a girls best friend for relaxation. From face masks to bath bombs there is something for every one and every occasion.One thing i look forward too is a bath after a rather long and busy week. Lush's seasonal products are amazing, being filled with beautiful scents, cute shapes and the sweetest packaging making them the perfect Valentines gift!

Unicorn Horn- sourced from Lush
Valentines products, you need to give(or have?).

Unicorn Horn- Bubble Bar, £4.25.

Filled with Lavender scents and neroli oil, filled with glitter and every magical color. Neroli oil has been proven to realist serotonin making you feel happier. Although, if that doesn't work, put the horn on your head and pretend to be the amazing magical creature you are!

Lady Bird- Bubble Bar, £3.95.

Being filled with mint, beautiful coloring and a cute design. This little lady bug can take to away to your happy place. Creating mounds of bubbles, perfect for a relaxing bath.
Ladybird- sourced from lush.

Prince Charming Shower Cream, £5.95 for a 100g.

This sweet scent, leaves skin smelling of pomegrate for hours. Perfect for morning showers and late night soaks! Its also incredibly pink!

 Least favorite.

Tisty Tosty,Bath Bomb £3.50.

Filled with floral scents and roses. Sounds beautiful, but really you're going to be picking roses out of the bed for years.

So hopefully this will help you pick you out a little something for your special something.

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