Officially on BlogLovin'

Hi guys,

Just a little blog to say I am officially on Bloglovin' ! Its a perfect way for you not to miss any updates on my site (can't miss out on Make it Happen March).

What it is!

Bloglovin' is an advertising platform for any social media user. It aims to show your work to wider audience allowing for growth.  It allows for new bloggers to develop a brand, by sending updates of new post, for all areas of social media. From Instagram to Blogspot it is an intergral part of furthing any social media Brand.

What it can do for you.

 By following new bloggers, displaying blog post and just becoming more aware of the up and coming bloggers you will never miss a beat (Bloglovin' is such an amazing platform!).
A few things first.

Obviously i would love for you to follow me but please read the terms and conditions before signing up.

If you are not already signed up then be aware that you will need to be signed up to receive updates from bloggers, store and Bloglovin' itself. 

Hope to see you there!




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