Perfect way to Perfect all year round skin.

With every small step closer to summer, our daily skin care routine should be slowly adjusting too. Whilst Winter is highly drying for skin and lips, ensuring that the a highly moisturizing skin care range is undertaken morning and night. Completely opposite to Summer which leaves skin feeling oily.

Including exfoliation to all areas which are highly affected by the cold is key to keeping moisture in the skin and not surrounding the patches of damaged skin. Summer skin care should provide protection from UV, while decreasing the levels of oil on the skin and removing any traces of makeup which can damage or block pores.

Boots- Aiding those bad skin days.

Affordable skin care is incredible at the moment, with non-more so than Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range. This skin care range seems to have something for all seasons including transitional seasons such as Spring to Summer/ Autumn to Winter. Here are just two of my go to products from the range which are aiding my skin beat transitional periods.

Winter to Spring-Tea Tree and Witch Hazel exfoliation pads, £4.99.

Exfoliation pads are a much needed necessity for people who are prone to oily or dry skin. Drawing oil or buffing away make up and dead skin cells allows the skin to breathe. Focusing exfoliation pads on the T-zone will allow skin to lose some of the dead skin particles, remove the remnants of makeup and unclog pores. With 60 in a pack, the longevity of the pack is second to none. I would only recommend for this product to be used no more than twice a week as not to make skin sore and irritable. Using circular motions is more effective than wiping the pad around your targeted areas, too. Buffing the skin with the pad will allow you to physically see the particles removed from use.

Summer to Autumn- Daily Foam wash, £3.50.

With summer causing havoc with oily skin, using the Tea Tree and Witch hazel foam was is amazing for getting rid of the extra oil ,yet not leaving skin to feel dry. Having a beautiful balance for an easy way to help manage spots, blemishes or just decrease the oil on the skins surface. Although, this product being a foam and not a scrub oil will start to appear throughout the day, although this can be rectified by using the product twice a day(as per the bottle).

Other products I love.

I love the Charcoal nose strips(£5.99), using both sides of the packaging really helps combat black heads. This product is made up of two parts, a charcoal nose strip targeting black heads (Part one-find price ) and a moisturizing nose strip to aid healing of the skin. Using the charcoal side(Part one), apply water to the nasal area and pop the strip on for 5-10 minutes. Please be aware that charcoal can leave a black trace around your nose which is easily washed away by water. Part 2, is a moisture strip which heals clear the skin of any redness cause by part 1. Effective use of both strips will allow for less black heads but without irritations.


I think this is a great affordable brand for Boots. Not only is it affordable it is also extremely accessible to most. With the ingredients leaving the skin feeling better in all affected areas, it is a definite must have for most people to have in anyone’s bathroom.

Hope you enjoyed.

Em x


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