Why I am a blogger not a Vlogger.

Hi all,

Hope your all set for a lovely weekend.

Now, I thought I would make a quick little blog.

Today, I was discussing my blog at work, when I was asked 'Why aren't you a Vlogger'? The person in question, then went on to list many relevant things, such as I could talk about 'confidence' struggles. Or just show areas which i am constantly trying to work on. Failing to understand my argument for blogging in the first place.

So i began to think. Why?

If i am being 100% honest. I don't feel good enough. I am not interesting. Yes, I realize these are my own battles, yet sharing information about myself is an incredibly scary thought. Being open and honest leaves you feeling vulnerable.

I love to write and part of me wants to rebel against the way social media is being portrayed Writing about the things that I love or that sometimes I need to hear is amazing.In a way this is my own online diary.

I am a constant believer in continuous growth; that you weren't the same person you were yesterday. This blog for me is not only a social media platform but something I can be proud of.

Could it happen?

As i grow up, making myself proud is becoming a key factor in my every day life. Pleasing others becomes a benefit. And slowly i am becoming happier, so maybe buy the end of the year the transition may happen but that is only a possibility.

Please let me know you're thoughts on this!




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