Weekend Edit: Painfully cute.

This weekend wasn’t much but to me it was just what I needed- minus the pain. From a sleepy start to a painful ending this weekend may sound dramatic- which it probably was. Yet, I loved being able to relax and just be myself, even when I wasn’t okay.


Friday night was a bit of a fail, after not being able to sleep until 4.30 am the night before, I physically and mentally couldn’t take much. I did however go to see my granddad who gave me one of the best things in the world, chocolate(Cadbury Eggs and Spoons). Safe to say that made my night all the better, after eating an egg, I went upstairs and slept like a log.


Rising early- I had been asleep since 8.30pm the previous night. I ate, cleaned the kitchen and had a slight work out all before 9. Once my parents had gotten up I started to get ready for quite frankly a lovely relaxed day.

With an appointment to collect my new glasses at 11.40 and plans to go shopping prior, I had to quickly pop on my face of makeup and head out the door.

After being dragged around various shops, I finally got to pick up my glasses and I have to say they are beautiful. Kylie Minogue’s range of glasses is simply put stunning. From the glittery case to the angle of the frame I don’t have one bad word to say on the range except- I hope there’s another.
The pairs I chose (there 2 for 1 costing £99- from Specsavers) were the Kylie 03, a stunning squared black frame with a baby pink ombre at the ends of the arms.

Also choosing from her line some sunglasses (Kylie SUN RX 03), the aviator style completely fits in my comfort zone whilst the turquoise arms and gold frame scream a little bit more color. The sunglasses can be tinted both grey and brown, personally I opted for the brown, as I think it’s a more subtle day to day look.

When I got home…

Once home I went for a nap- I’m still catching up on my sleep! Around 3pm I started getting ready to meet my boyfriend for a few drinks in Leeds. I rarely get the chance to really enjoy getting ready, so with a few hours spare I really enjoyed a pamper.

It started by:

* Having shower and using the Ultimate blends shampoo and conditioner(£3.00 each from Boots).

* Using the OGX Moroccan (£.6.99 or two for £10.00, Boots.) oil through the ends of my hair and brushing it through with a Tangle Teezer(£9.99 from Boots).

* Taking the Boots Witch Hazel and Tea Tree nasal Strip(£4.99 Boots Only) and the Body Shop English Rose facemask(£15.00) to really help plum the skin.

* Finishing off with tweezing my eye brows and moisturizing with Nip and Fab(£6.99) and my Clinique Eye cream (£22.50).

It doesn’t sound like much but to me it was heaven.

The night.

The train ride to Leeds was filled with drunk women singing songs, at the top of their lungs while I desperately tried to read Bridget Jones. I was lucky to have read a chapter.

After reaching Leeds I ran to the pub, where I had a few Gins and had a lovely night just us two.


Sunday was really chilled, after having a lie, my boyfriend and I had a little walk around Leeds, having Lunch and then heading back to his. Although, after getting back to his flat I was in such a pain, my mouth was on fire. So after spending an hour and a half crying I went home, took possibly far too many tablets and went to sleep(please take tablets responsibly, I am being sarcastic).

Big shout out to Alex for coping while I wasn’t.

Overall I LOVED, this weekend. I could take my time and enjoy life rather than try to rush
everything. Without the toothache, this weekend would have been perfect.

Hope you enjoyed.




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