April Favourites...

Now April has been a shit month for me, everything that could have happened, did. Everyday something came up and I  was looking for things to help get m through it. And I did. So, this monthly favourites is dedicated to the people, things and experiences which helped. So I hope you enjoy.

My girls.
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Okay, as cheesy as it sounds there are so many people I have to be thankful for. My friends are on the top of my list. The girls have never let me feel alone, they've let me rant when I needed to and made me laugh when I thought I couldn't. My friends both blogger and non blogger, are amazing and I am so happy to have them in my life. I couldn't be more thankful.

Primark Eye Lash curlers.

As mental as this sounds, I believe make up can act as a mask in any situation. As long as you have make up on, you can deal with most things. These £1, Primark eyelash curlers are amazing (I picked up two), they get every last and curl them perfectly. I doubt these eyelash curlers will last a very long time, but there a £1; I can't complain.

Garnier, Camomile Moisture Bomb, Sheet Mask.

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This really calming sheet mask, filled with everything moisturising- it leaves skin perfectly nourished and soft. The purse friendly £1.50 (on offer in Superdrug), it is definitely my 5 minute treat to myself.

Sally Hansen Maicure Nail Varnish in You Glow Girl.

Sourced SuperDrug

I've been trying to branch out with my nails- I could say its stress right? So I am so happy to be in love with this reflective orange gold Nail Varnish. Sally Hansen you glow girl is brilliant. It doesn't chip, it lasts such a long time and it doesn't dull. Its definitely worth its £6.99 price tag (Superdrug).

13 Reasons Why.

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As controversial as this programme is, I loved watching it. It allowed me to be taken away from my own problems for a little bit. The teenage anxiety, social problems and obviously, suicide we done really well, although a little too graphic for my liking. I do believe than they could have implied the scenes rather than shown them.

Saying that I did enjoy it, it showed a side of teen years than many struggle with. There doesn't seem to be understanding of it in my life, so a show like this could help people know  their options.

So I hope you enjoyed my April Favourites,  let me know your feelings on any of the above.

All the love.




  1. Sorry to hear you've had a rubbish month, hope May is a better one! Abi | ramblingsofablonde.co.uk

  2. Sorry to hear you had a rubbish month babe, I'm hoping May is better for you. I've recently tried the garnier chamomile mask and I absolutely love it, maybe even more than the original x

    1. Unfortunately I have a few things to tie up from last month. So far though it's much better. Thank you.

      Yes! Preaching. I hated the first one it really irritated my skin. I find the camomile so soothing it's lovely. X

  3. I loved watching 13 Reasons Why this month, it's great when you get really stuck in to a series! Hope you have a great May! X


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