Life changes.

My life, like many others is currently changing. I am no longer in a relationship and everything I touch seems to be hitting the pan. In the midst of everything, I couldn't help but think of the changes we face daily. Friends, work or even the life paths we chose can vary so dramatically. Nothing seems to make life any easier. Knowing the paths we take and the constant challenges which create 'personal growth' sometimes feel too hard to handle. Yet, we handle them to the best of our abilities.

In this blog I hope to help some one who is as lost as I am right now.


Friends change constantly;when your life goes one direction it can be difficult to keep once close friends, close. Ending a friendship doesn't have to be an argument, it can be something as simple as not talking over a long period of time.

Saying that, you will make new friends. Sharing similar ideas, characteristics and hopes with some one else will instantly create respect and gain a friendship. When one door closes another opens.

Just remember some friendships last a lifetime.


You change. You learn to cope with any situation you're put in. You decide your own fate. Changing goals doesn't mean your failing; you're just changing direction.

The only advise I would give to any one, is follow your gut. Sometimes you're heart is too involved.


As silly as it sounds your life changes, careers, motherhood, at somepoint everything will change. Changes are going to happen; even if you hate them. Life is a constant journey, ups and downs will come along and sometimes the wind will be knocked out of your sails. The only thing will help is knowing that for a small period of time their will be smooth sailing...

At some point.

A ramb-ly blog.

I am so sorry I have rambled. Sometimes, life changes will happen for better or worse. No one will ever take away who you are- even if you don't know. Family, friends and hope will always be their to help as best they can. Struggles only make you stronger.

All the love.




  1. Oh yes, constant life changes occur. Nothing stands still. But I have found in the end it's all for the better of you. You need the hard times to make you stronger and wiser. And you will enjoy the better times even more for it.
    I am sorry to hear your relationship ended. It is always so rough to lose someone.
    I feel you on that!

  2. I think that's the beauty of everything, even when you're struggling, it will get better. I completely agree, you don't realise how strong you are until you need to be.

    Thank you, I'm at the point where I think its better that we broke up. I feel like a completely different person (for the better).

    Thank you, for reading my little blog. It still amazes me that people read it.

    Sending love,



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