Lets have a pamper...

As many of you know, its been a little bit of a stressful time. So, its time to sit back, and take some time out. One of my favourite things to do, is have a little pamper. So, here's how I spent my Friday.


After getting home, instantly take my hair out of the annoying hair band its been in all day. And pop my wine into the fridge.


Have a cup of coffee and a natter with my mum and dad. I then proceed to watch yet another episode of The Big Bang Theory.


Okay so a little longer than I would like I walk upstairs and have a shower. Making sure I was my hair thouroughly with Garnier, Avacado moisture shampoo and conditioner. Once im out throw on some pyjamas and curl up in my dressing. Wiping away any panda eyes with my towel.


Desperately try and find my favourite sheet mast (the new Garnier, Moisture Bomb, Camomile and ...  sheet mask,£1.50 from Superdrug). I remember I have used it. I as so disappointed.


I put on the most beautifully smelling face mask (The Body Shop, Brisish Rose Volumising Mask, £15!- but last forever). Once its on, I try to find my nail varnish remover- I ended up borrowing my mums.


Wash off my amazing face mask with the Tea Tree and Witchazel face wash. Leaving my skin feeling unbelievable! Chosing Sally Hansen, 'You, Glow Girl' £6.99, I paint my nails in the most beautiful metallic gold that with the Sally Hansen, gell top coat it will not budge for well over a week! Defintely my new go to nail varnish.


*Insert moaning about not being able to dink wine, due to wet nails*


Pour myself  a large glass of wine!

9.00 Being halfway down my bottle of wine I decide to take the last of my wine and curl up and watch The Avengers, Age of Ultron.

I hope you enjoy my night to myself! let me know how you pamper yourself!

All the love,



***So sorry,will update pictures, when possible***


  1. This sounds like my kind of pamper night hahah! Great post X


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