The Statement Bag!

So, I have been a little jealous of all the beautiful bags all over twitter and facebook (I blame Coachella). It got me thinking, how many statement bags there are! With trends constantly changing, there seem to be a number of beautiful bags rivalling any other for the top-spot. So here are just a few

Louis Vuitton, Pochette Metis.

With the likes of Lydia Millen rocking this bag on the daily. It is no surprise that this bag is an instant classic. This stunning yet small bag is beautiful and is perfect for day and night. Being notoriously hard to come by, if you are one of the lucky few to own one of these bags, NEVER LET IT GO!

Recently, the brand have revamped the Petit Metis, introducing colours in Pink, Black (my personal fav) and cream. The introduction of colour gives the bag a new edge, creating a younger and more wearable product.

Chloe, Faye

Okay, the chloe Faye is a beautiful every day bag. This ultimately feminine beauty, is slightly easier to buy but still unique. Many bloggers, celebs and youtubers, have been seem rocking this bag. It simply goes with everything. A must have bag for those who can afford it , and a dream for any one who can't (like me).

Hermes, Birkin.

The infamous, Birkin, a true piece of art. The stunning structure will stand along side any building. The varyng colours look devine with anything. Although this bag is something to be desired. With the waiting list still being as long as your arm, you are so lucky to own one of these puppies.

Mulberry, literally anything from Mulberry.

I cannot be the only one instantly drawn in with anything that displays the mulberry logo. From the Cara Backpack to the Bayswater is there a bag they make that isn't worthy of being displayed in the V&A.

Now, lets have a drool over them!

I hope you like this blog half as much as I love these bags, keep an eye out for dupes and other exciting blogs!

All the love!




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