The Liebster Award!


First and foremost, I would like to thank @Forgetfulblogger for nominating me.

I am still a really new blogger, so I am so excited to be taking part in this.

If you are nominated the rules are:

  • Post 11 Facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate another 11 bloggers
  • Ask those 11 bloggers 11 questions
  • Let the bloggers know they have been nominated.

11 things you might not know about me.

1.I am 5'4- yes, I am a short arse.

2.I struggle with my weight. I have wanted to write about this for a while  but had no idea how to start it. I have always been 'bigger' than most of my friends and its something I have always struggled with. It wasn't until recently that I've become okay with the way I look.

3.I have tried and failed to blog before. Whilst at Uni we were told to get ourselves 'out there' by any means necessary. So I started a blog for all the wrong reasons; I am not proud of it.

4.I graduated with 2:1 in Fashion Marketing from the University of Northampton. It was three years of self doubt and jager bombs. I absolutely loved being a student- I just don't think I wouldn't go back. It was at university that I had my first panic attack; unfortunately, the first of many.

5.I am scared of pretty much everything. Planes, heights, the dark you name it, I am or have been scared of it.

6.I still cry at Bambi. Yes at 24, I still cry my eyes out, at any given point.

7.I am a massive film nerd. No joke. I am obsessed with anything Marvel, Star Wars or anything Harry Potter. Its something I can't deny and constantly try to calm down. I can get a bit over board!

8.I have 2 tattoos! one an out line of a butterfly, on my ankle- it hurt too much to finish it off. An a Humming bird on the top of my foot- my favourite. And yes, both of them hurt like heck.

(Sorry no photo's - no one needs to see my feet.)

9.I am definitely stumbling through my twenties. From my love life to my out look on life, everything has a touch of Bridget Jones to it.

10. I haven't travelled very far. I constantly dream of going to exotic places but I never actually go.
I am such a bad flyer, it has definitely affected my life.

11. I can probably count my friends on one hand. I am and will never be a girl who has a million friends. I love all my friends to the end of the earth and they have always supported me. Anxiety, graduation and every other bit of drama that comes along, I know that I have their blessing through anything.

11 Questions  I Have Been Nominated to Answer.

1.Why did I start blogging?

I love to write, I never knew the capabilities of having a blog. I have gained so much confidence blogging and communicating in the community- its pretty unbelievable.

2.Who inspires you, not just in the blogging world but in life?

My mum, she has had depression and anxiety for years. In the past my parents haven't had the 'convetional' relationship and it definitely took its tole on her. She is constantly fighting demons no one else will ever understand. My mum may have her moments but she will always be my hero.

3.What social media app do you find you use the most for your blogging?

Twitter- it has defiantely built a bridge to communicating with other bloggers. Having support when your hitting a block with blogging or life in general is a must and twitter has been a massive support recently.

4.One thing you are most scared of in life?

Now it's time to get a little deep. I am scared of being on my own in life. Now, this isn't family or becoming a mother, but actually finding some one that loves me enough to spend the rest of my life with. Its cheesey but after the love I had for my last boyfriend I am so scared of it no to happening.
5.Do I prefer a night in with friends or an night on town?

Night in- definitely. The older I get the more I want comfort and Prosecco!

6.What topics do I blog about most and why?

Currently I am blogging about struggles in life. The main reason is that I am at a cross roads in my life where everything seems to be going wrong. I am trying to document the process, attempting to make someone else feel less alone- sometime it can be hard.

7.Do I find the blogging community supportive?

100% yes. The blogging community is unlike any other. I have never known any support like I have seen in the past few months I have been blogging. Platforms such as GRLPOWR and Lazy Blogging - to name a few, are so influencial in the way things are promoted. I ahave so much love for this community.

8.If  I were an animal what would I be and why?

Sloth- easy, I am lazy and take my time to do anything- even if it benefit's me.

9.What is my favourite genre of Music?

I don't have a favourite genre, I just love music. I think that there is music for any mood. Some times I want to scream to MCR and others I want to sing into my hair brush to Whitney.

10.Whats the bravest thing I have done this week?

This is going to sound so stupid- but I went to the gym. I had such an intese fear of people staring at me, I just never went. As a 'bigger' girl I think its easy to build a wall, although, I have found excersize to be so much more than improving physical fitness.

11.Do I prefer Savoury or sweet treats?

Sweet- I can eat Lemon Cake till it comes out my ears.

I nominate.









Francesca Louise

Kerry Lynne


My Questions for You.

1. What gives you inspiration to blog?

2. Do you write a lot of blogs in one day or as and when needed?

3. What is your proudest achievement - not just in blogging but in life?

4. What are your goals for the year?

5. What is you're go to motivational quotes?

6.Favourite film ?

7.Do you love blogging? If so when did you know?

8. Are your love ones supportive of your writing?

9.Whats your ultimate blogging dream?

10. Who is your go to blog to  read to help with motivation?

11. Disney or Pixar?

All the love!




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