Bare Minerals Saves my Skin!

I am absolutely in love! If you have been reading my blogs for a little while, you will know how obsessed I am with skincare! Recently I have been wanting to invest in more high end skin care products. Usually I buy high street  products, which specifically aim to create volume to my skin. So before I write a long gushy post about bareMinerals Eternalixir, here is a little back ground

A few questions I found along the way.

Are oils good for your skin?

Simply put yes. Oils naturally hydrate skin, helping to even out skin coloration and banish blemishes. Some people link the use of oils in skin care to spots, although, I have currently had a break out (a reaction to wax) and using an oil helped tame the redness and left my skin feel so incredibly soft.

I have oily skin, I can't use an oil.

Completely not true. Some oils are specifically used to target oil skin. Do your research about certain brands and varying types of oil. Try to avoid heavy amounts of rapeseed oil, this can react to oily skin create break outs.


Bare Minerals is a brand I have always wanted to know more about. I knew their staff were knowledgeable and there make up was slightly on the higher budget than what I could afford. After scrolling through bareMinerals website, mainly due to Emily Canham's recent collaboration with them- and I found the Eternalixar.


Okay, prepare for the  gush. Eternalixar is an oil which specific aims to help hydration, even out skin tone and creates come volume to the skin. Being formulates with calcium, plantain leaf extract and Baobab Seed oil, it leaves skin looking and feeling amazing.

Applying 4-6  drops of the oil to your skin twice a day will leave your skin looking incredible. Continuous use will, obviously, help see so many more developments to my skin.

Tip; Don't put make up on straight after the application of the product. Leave it for half an hour to sink into the skin for a flawless base.


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