I think you all might know by now that I have an unhealthy obsession with Boots. So when I ran out of pretty much everything I jumped at the chance of popping into my local store and grabbing the few things I needed. So here's my new Boots Haul.

(First and foremost, I am so sorry about the same brands being promoted on here but there were a lot of offers in Boots and I just cannot say no!)


My first stop was L'Oreal to buy
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Nude Magique Cushion in 01 (£14.99).  I have been eyeing u this product for about a month after watching Emma's Rectangle review it. I thought it would be a perfect light summer foundation and it is. The formula is incredibly light and I genuinely forgot it was on my skin. The coverage lasted for a good amount of time but I did have to top it up on my spots.

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Lumi Magique concealer (£8.49) , an apparent dupe for the Touch Éclat(YSL) was the next buy purely because it looked so pretty. The formula is great but I think you need to use a lot to get the coverage you need.I do think this concealer is amazing, although,  I feel like will  have to mix it with Collections Lasting Perfection to make sure it last- otherwise I will be constantly repurchasing.

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Lip Paint Matte (£6.99), choosing the shade Hollywood Beige because I do love a pink tone nude. I am so surprised, but I LOVE this product. The mousey texture is so comfortable on the lip. You do have to reapply it a lot through out the day to ensure an even coverage but I don't mind that at all.

Liquid Glow Illuminator (£6.99), I'm still on the fence with this product. I intend on using this as a primer to create a subtle dewy look. I think I'm going to have to keep using this to create a good idea of the product. So watch this space.

Lee Stafford.

Sourced Lee Stafford

Salt Spray Styling Mist (£9.99), a perfect combination of styling and texture. This Seaweed and Algae spray uses the nourishing elements of the sea with a unique and healthy twist to promote texture and life to flat hair. This product has quickly become my go to product.

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Dry Shampoo (£4.99), I've been looking for an alternative to Batiste and this seems to be okay so far. The finally milled the spray leaves hair looking fresh and smelling fresh.

Sourced Lee Stafford

Coco  Loco Hair Mask (£6.99), this hair mask smell amazing- it definitely takes you to an sunny island. Using an 'egg' sized amount in-between washes makes your hair and scalp feel so fresh!Although, I would give it an extra rinse to make sure that there isn't any left over residue.

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And last but not least Tresemme Heat protection Spray (£3.00-on offer), I've been a fan of this on and off for years to it was no surprise I purchased this again!

Hope you enjoyed this little haul.

All the love,




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