New Look Blog and Logo!

Over the past month or two I have been so underwhelmed with my blog. It looks really messy and cluttered. I recently started going through template designs, ultimately finding something so much  clean and easier to use.
Why templates.
If I’m being honest I knew I would have to use a template because, I am so poor at web design. I wanted something that would suit a 24 year old not a 12 year old girl. Finding a clean template, expanding on the template by displaying a new blog header (should be sorted this time next week).
This process excites me so much and I can’t wait for the next few months. I have some very exciting things to share in the blog front. Watch this space!
I can now officially say that as of this blog most of the picture, I will have taken. Even though I try to always give credit to the sources I use(I have a  document them all), I have been so unhappy with the amount I use. So I am making it my mission to change my content and make it better.
This year has been difficult but, I am so proud that content has gone up 3 times a week. Tuesday, Friday and Sunday are my posting days. Most blogs go live at 9 am, although some do go live after I come home from work. Sometimes being late can’t be helped.
Recently the quality of my content has been a little poor and I hope that it will now slowly but surely start to become better. If you do have any tips for me please comment below and let me know.
The process.
Changing the look of my blog has really helped me start to love blogging again. I seem to have lost the ‘spark’ needed to create good quality content. Hopefully now, we will start to see some improvements.

Here’s hoping,


  1. 3 times a week is so much work. You're so brave, omg! with one to two posts a week, we sometime struggle and we are too! great that you're starting over and back into blogging! xx corinne

    1. Thank you. I really hate myself when I miss a day. I love blogging and can't wait to continue with it.

      I'm blogging everyday in June!

      Sending love
      Em x


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