New Era of Tailoring ?

Tailoring is fast becoming a key piece in anyone's wardrobe. So many highstreet brands have developed interesting takes on tailoring. With many even dedicating collections to tailoring alone. So why tailoring? Simply put, its classic, creative and beautiful. Here are just a two of my favourite stores and pieces, on the British High-street.


Next, like tailoring, is a classic piece of the British High-Street. With the brand now working with Miss Selfridge to inject a youthful take into their Tailoring section. Challenging the classics with modern twist, colours and fabrics.

These Black ruffled trousers are  perfect for a petite figure, the delicate stitching displays the ultimate feel of femininity

in a masculine era. Combined with a red shirt and high heels, nothing will stop you.


Recently the stores are full of structured shirts; blending unique takes on classic tailoring. This blue stripped of the shoulder shirt is perfect for the more daring. Teamed with black shirts and ankle boots will make the perfect unique, yet, classic look.

I am so happy with this trend, there is definitely something for everyone. Be bold, unique or classic; just stay true to your own style. Comment below on your favourite stores!

All the love,




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