Weekend Edit: Em and Mum kinda thing...

Scarborough fills me with memories of my childhood memories. Anywhere on the British coastline, basically does. I love the smell of the sea, ice cream and the dogs. EVERYONE HAS DOGS! When my mum asked if I wanted a night away, I instantly said yes. My mum and Dad have visited Palm Court quite a few occasions and my mother being a creature of habit wanted to go back. So please sit back, have a cuppa and read all about my lovely weekend in Scarborough.
The drive
After a few hours on country roads, one stop off at McDonalds (I lead a healthy life) and numerous renditions of Linkin Park's new album we arrived. I have to say for the longest drive I have ever done, I really enjoyed myself.
When we arrived.
Arriving about two hours before we could check in we parked and then had a stroll around the sea front- I forgot how hilly it was! Should have warn more comfortable shoes.

The Brunswick centre, a small shopping center in the Heart of Scarborough which is home to an amazing coffee shop (Esquires), a few high-street stores and then a few quaint little gift shops. We then walked for what seemed like hours to the pavilion. A beautifully built building filled with children (honestly) where you can sit and watch the world go by.
Fish Finger Sarnies!
OH, YEAH, HOW COUD I FORGET.  I can honestly say I had the best Fish finger sandwich I have ever had in my life here. I just managed to take a picture before, I basically inhaled it.
The hotel.
I have a confession, I knew I loved this hotel before we went . The d├ęcor of the lounge, bar and the dining room all oozes class. Oh the dining room.  Such a romantic setting, candle lit tables, chandeliers and the most perfect table decorations, you have ever scene. Piano music follows you were ever you go, making you feel like you’re in La La Land. So, lovely.
The room
As much a love the hotel, I do hate how the twin rooms look. The yellow wallpaper just doesn’t cut it for me. Saying this it still makes me feel so comforted. The supporting beds and beautiful furniture, all makes you feel like your safely tucked away in a little knook ,in a quaint sea side town.
Dinner and Breakfast.

These scones from Palm Court were Perfect!
The food at Palm Court makes the hotel worth a visit in its own right. The A la Carte menu compromises of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Each course is beautifully designed and served with the most stunning accompaniments.
I am so sorry I didn’t take any photos of the food, it just felt so inappropriate due to the intimate setting.

After feeling a little worse for wear, I had such a poor night sleep and a lot of wine. I was in need of breakfast. Opting for crumpets, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs; it was a great start to the long day ahead. 

Another Drive

Mmm Coffee.
After breakfast, we drove to Bridlington. This place holds so many memories for my mum, so we often go to visit.  A quick walk around was all we needed, until we found the perfect place to people watch. The Pavilion is one of the most visited pubs, in Bridlington and on a sunny day who can blame you. From
the beer garden you can see perfectly out onto the see and Filey, even watching a boat or two.

After an hour and a few coffees later we decided it was time to head home. Jumping in the car for out 2 hour journey home.  

Hope you enjoyed this weekend edit. How did you spend your weekend ?
All the love,


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