One night Trip- Tricks for Packing.

Hi guys,

So, if you follow me on Twitter (you total should if you don't- I am so sarcastic), you would know me and my mama are having a little get away in May. Our yearly trip to Palm Court in Scarborough is coming up and its time to get organised. So here are a few tips and tricks which I swear by.

Boots Plastic Travel Bags.

Sourced M&S - Boots is exactly the same though

These plastic bags are honestly perfect for EVERYTHING. Separating toiletries, electrical and make up will allow you to grab anything you need, when you need it. Not only that but if there is any spillages your clothes are saved- nobody likes exploding foundation. Being priced quite reasonably at £9 for three they are great on the purse strings.

Little Treats.

Sourced Superdrug
As you know I'm all about having a little treat. Facemasks, nail varnish or anything else that ill just make your stay at the hotel a little more pleasurable. This time around I am taking a few of the new Garnier, Camomile Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask. The gentle formula is perfect to calm the skin and relax you in all the ways possible.

Chose outfits prior to going.

Having one or two alternative outfits will make your overnight stay great. By not having a lot of options you will definitely save time and space (in our bag). More space means; More shopping. I love to pack outfits by when I will need them. At the bottom of the bag I usually pack socks for the day I leave, then an comfortable outfit, one or two outfits for dinner and on top Pajamas (all the comfort).

Packing like this works for me as I need to be a little bit organised and, also, im slightly a control freak.

Sourced from Polyvore

For me slippers are a must. I don't tend to wear them a lot but I definitely do when I go away for the night. A true source of comfort, relaxing me in any new area I'm in. The ones im taking with me this time are boots, so I will fold them down and prior to packing.

So I hope you enjoyed, these tips and tricks for packing for a night away. Let me know below if you have any more!

Much Love!!!




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