A day in the working life...

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while, it always seems a little boring though. So I thought I would switch it up a little. Many of you will know that I work through the week and sometimes it, really isn’t easy to get any sort of motivation to do anything but sleep at the end of the day.
Now, don’t get me wrong I am by no means the most exciting person on the planet either; I like my bed and shopping. Yet at the weekend I am definitely more active.
Over the next few days I am going to be introducing a series of my day to day life. From what I eat, to what make up products I’m using and you guessed it, a day in the life of me. 

So, after that little ramble, why don’t you go grab a coffee and have a little read of my weekday morning routine. I will try and not bore you too much, but, here goes.
6.30am My phone starts screaming the most annoying sound I have ever heard. I instantly press snooze and hope that it doesn’t go off again in 9 minutes.
6.39am. It goes off. Buggar.
6.45am I eventually get out of bed and use my beloved BareMinerals EternElixir. Sadly I am running out! Definitely need to repurchase!
6.50am I go into the bathroom and  do the generic stuff etc, brush my teeth, shower.
7.10 am Dry and curl my hair- which takes far too long. I would take the straighteners and hair dryer I use but they are so old they have since been discontinued.  Please let me know if you’d like to see my loose curl tutorial in the comments.
7.30 am  realize I am massively running late and throw as much make up on my face a possible.
7.35 am Get dressed and go down stairs for breakfast.
I really, do eat, sleep and breathe blogging!
7.45 am finally sit down and have a coffee- hopefully made by my dad, he is the coffee king in our house.  I  have a little natter with my dad, finish my breakfast.
7.55am  throw together a sandwich, I’m really not bothered about the filling. I have to eat gluten free bread, so whatever I have taste’s a little off anyway.
8.00 am Run out of the house and head to work. How exciting!
5.00 pm walk as quickly as possible to my car and drive home, while singing my heart out to whatever comes on the radio.  
5.30pm It really doesn’t take me a long time to get home from work. The rest of the night I tend to blog, put the world to rights with my mum and get permanently teased by my dog…

9.00pm Take my makeup off with my FAVOURITE face wipe ever, Micellar Simple Facewipes? And get ready for bed. Oh, and its Love Island time. Obviously.
10.20pm. Pop a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory or David Attenborough if I am not sleeping well(there’s something so soothing about his voice). And snuggle down for a night’s sleep.
And yes I really do go to bed that early.

I hope you haven’t found this blog boring. I wanted to be as honest as possible my life isn’t exciting and fast paced but it does make me so contented and inspired.

All the love,



  1. Oh I enjoyed this post! It's nice to see what people get up to in a day. I can never be bothered to wash my hair in the morning, and if I do I just leave it to dry itself since I'm too lazy to do anything with it. My nights are spent blogging and chatting to friends :)

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. Aw thank you. I really didn't know whether or not to post this! I've been really apprehensive.

      I have too- it wakes me up. No one needs a zombie!

      Thank you for your comment. xx

  2. I love these posts! I always shower on a night because I never have the time in a morning! My nights are spent either productively (blogging) or sat watching TV!

    Sian x

    1. To be honest- right now I spend my nights waiting for love island to come on. I know how sad that seems but I am addicted.

      Thank you for the lovely comment! Showering at night is such a time saver!



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