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Hi everyone,

Hope your enjoying the weather here in the UK!

If your anything like I am I love sitting out in the sun with a nice glass of wine and potentially getting a little bit of tan. Although sometimes it doesn’t work out like that. After sitting out in the sun with a glass of wine (or a bottle), yet, you wake up red, blotchy and with a stonking hang over.

When this happens, we reach of the bottle- no not wine tan. I have been trying to find an affordable tan for a while. And I think I have found a great high street tanning product. St Moriz, is available nationwide in most supermarkets and pretty much ever beauty store you can think off. Being priced at £4.00, its so easy to FIND AND BUY. Initially I was a little bit sceptical, due to the price but I was definitely pleasantly surprised and I hope you are too.

So lets grab a glass of wine and let’s talk tan.


As I have previously moaned about I am a naturally pale girl, so I  often reach for self tan when I need to look a little bit healthier. I tend to go to for ‘light’ or ‘01’. Using such a light colour can be difficult as many self tanners can leave skin looking orange even when the colour is light.

Giving a natural coverage, St Moriz just  gives your skin a lovely natural glow. Isn’t that all we want for summer? St Moriz, has not left my skin looking orange or patchy- like many others. Its safe to say that this products colour is becoming one of my favourites on the high street. 

Application: TIP.

After trying St Moriz a few times, I have tried applying it in various ways- some are really odd.  I would suggest using a velour tanning mitt. Using this type of mitt seems to be one of the easiest ways to apply. Using circular motion to  buff the product into your skin.

DO NOT USE: SOCKS  OR BARE HANDS- you will look like an Umpa Loompa.

I am going to be one hundred percent honest, this tan last about a week at most. Although, for £4.00 you can’t expect the earth.

Would I buy it again.

Of course, although, I can see constant reapplying getting very tedious. On this occasion, all the benefits out way the negatives and I am in love with this product.

Hope you enjoyed my little review. Please let me know  your thoughts below.

All the love.




  1. I'm not really someone who fake tans but I've heard that this product is amazing on multiple occasions.

  2. I've been looking for a good fake tan as I constantly get comments about how pale I am! I've been using a dove moisturising tan but I might have to give this one a go!


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