Let's get back to basics:Organisation

Hey my loves,

Recently, I have no motivation to write posts. I love writing them but I also love enjoying the sunshine with a Gin. Over the past few days I have completely lost track with my blog. With that, I have decided to go back to basics and organise myself and I thought I'd write a little blog about what I do when I am a little overwhelmed.

To do list.

I am a girl, that loves a to do list. From work, to blogging to even cleaning the house- I can promise you I will have or have just completed a to do list.

Generally starting with the on going projects such as making a list of content ideas (I tend to try and aim for 3 ideas a day) and then working down to little jobs which take a matter of minutes, for example dusting.

Once completed I scribble out every job on the list until I have no ink in my pen! And its such a great feeling.

Post its.

I love them, they are such a great way of reminding yourself to do something. If you are anything like me, then you will to give yourself constant little reminds to do things you constantly forget to complete.

Having little reminders really help get jobs done. Isn't that what being organised is about?

Note books.

Again, another obvious thing is having a notebook. I tend to get the best ideas at the most random of times, so having a few note books really does help keep ideas together.

Now when I say a few notebooks, I have three( I'm not mad- there's method in my madness).

1. For scheduling - normally an agenda book or diary.
2. Structure and general to do lists - A a5 notebook I scribble any ideas I have at home.
3. One for on the go - A little one for in my hand bag- so I can pretend to have ideas (when I mainly just doodle).

Hope you enjoyed my little blog! Its definitely helped get the grey cells ticking. Let me know what you do to keep yourself organised- I always need some tips.

Lots of Love!




  1. Hey Em, I defnitely agree that to-do lists are extremely helpful! I always jot ideas down on my phone if I'm out and about and then I put them into a huge blogging notebook when I get home! xx

  2. I'm obsessed with organisation haha! I have so many diaries and notebooks, it's an addiction! Lists definitely help and how satisfying is it to tick things off when you're done?!

    Sian x

  3. Notebooks are so handy for organising yourself! I have so many. Though I have to be honest- I have that many that sometimes it actually hinders me because I can never find the right notebook that I need ha. I love using spreadsheets now to keep me organised! They are a life saver

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  4. Notebooks and to-do lists are my go to organisation tools! They're so helpful and I love the bullet journal style of planning x


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