The Reality of Tanning

If you’re an avid fake tanner, then you will know that the process can be stressful. White Patches, rush jobs and stain bed sheets all make getting that golden glow a little bit harder.  Let’s be honest the process of tanning is daunting to say the least but we still continue to grab the bottle summer after summer.

Yet, with summer being in full swing, I am made increasing aware that there are two types of tanning routines…

1.The blissful pamper sessions, we all dream off.

2.The rush job we all realistically do.

It always starts of well, doesn’t it.

The initial misconception that after an overnight tan we won’t look orange or patchy. A perfect summer look; tanned and dewy (not sweaty- its Dewy).  Throughout this blog I will be using St. Moriz- available form Boots for £4. A review of the product is coming tomorrow.

The way we wish …

·         Running a beautiful shower- something similar to the ones we see daily on herbal essence’s ads.

·         Gracefully exfoliating, shaving , followed by softly applying tan all over our body.

 All of which would leave our skin looking bronzed. A perfect hour of tanning, away from the hazard of life. 


·         Running the quickest of quick showers, in which you get shampoo in your eye and fall over.

·         You don’t bother to shave or exfoliate- let’s face it no one is going to see it any one.

·         And you brace yourself for finding any sort of white blobs of skin you’ve missed- there will be many.

Yet, still with a bad rush job we all feel better with a tan- even if we will be repeating the process in a week.

The feeling after a tan...

After tanning I, personally, feel so much better about myself. Stretch marks look better, skin looks better and you feel like you can take on the world.

Hope you enjoyed this little ramble about tanning. Let me know below what your tanning routine is In the comments.


Much Love,





  1. Great post, love, really enjoyed this and the wee bit of humour!

    I avoid fake tanners because I've never found one that hasn't made me look like I should be working in Willy Wonka's! Wish I could because I love a tan, you're right it makes you look and feel so much better!

    Gemma |

  2. I really love the humour side of this post! I've heard many fake tan horror stories in my time x

  3. I struggle to get an even tan Em so I deffo feel your pain! x


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