Take the Stresses Away....

Many of you will know, I am a little bit of a stress head. I just can't seem to relax, so things often don't go to plan! Constant self doubt, combined with off days sometimes just make for a rubbish day. When days like this happen, we need ways to vent; time to give yourself a bit of a break. Here's 3 of my favourite de-stressing activities.

Working out.

I have to admit I don't do this as often as I would like, purely because I'm lazy. Although, I feel like a good work out can really help give a little umph to a bad day. I personally like to combine work outs at the gym and at home. I sometimes find working out at the gym a little daunting, so working out at home really helps.

My general work out is actually pretty pants; its the thought that counts though right?

  • 1 min wall squat
  • 50 sit ups
  • As many push ups I can do
  • And a quick blogalaties YouTube Video(no one channel in specific)

I love reading. Personally I find reading a great way to escape. When things get really stressful I try to bury myself into a good book. I have recently finished the Bridget Jones series and loved it- I am convinced I'm going to be eaten by Alsatians.

Books are a way to just be in a little bubble for an hour or two. Sometimes your own little bubble is seriously needed, right?

Cocktails with your girls.

Who doesn't need this type of therapy? A few Porn Star Martini's, laughs and instagram pictures, you're problems soon seem to melt away in no time at all.

No matter what stresses  your day brings, these three things may help you have a little bit of peace. These three things work for me but may not for others. Leave other ideas in the comments section. We all sometimes need a little bit of time.

All the love,




  1. I don't drink but I definitely think that working out, reading and girl time really help me to de-stress! I 'm starting a new 9-week fitness programme tomorrow and like you, I prefer t o work out at home! I only go to the gym to use the cardio machines or to do a class! I want to get back into reading more but I never seem to have a spare 10 minutes to do so! I've also been so busy that I've been such a crap friend lately!

    Sian x

    1. Yes- you can definitely tell a difference when you've worked out! Thats so exciting!

      I'm sure you're not a crap friend! And even if you are i'm sure they will understand.

  2. I love reading too, and babe- you're not going to be eaten by Alsatians don't worry! ;) I totally agree that a few cocktails is a good way to de-stress too! xx

    1. Well - we have yet to see it. Yes! ALL THE COCKTAILS.


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