The Headspace App.

Many of you who regularly read my blog know I can easily let stress get to me. When I have deadlines, family issues or generally just over think, I tend to shut down. Sometimes, I have to admit I do let it defeat me. A few months back my friend suggested The Headspace App, I went on to try it once and thought that it completely wasn't for me.

A few days ago I attempted to give it a go again. I really wanted to give it a chance; I wanted to see if it would be relevant to me, if I was in a better mental state. So, here's my short review of the app, and how it may help you if your a little stressed.

What is it ?

The Headspace App is a platform which aims to help relax you through a mild form of meditation. Trying to allow the user,  to take ten minutes out of their day to really embrace some sort of 'zen '(yes- I can't believe I wrote that either) into your day.

This App will not force meditation on you, but it does allow you to just have ten minutes away from any stress you may have. Along the 10 day programme, useful hints and tips are given to help in any situation in which you may need them.

Initially your probably going to hate it.

When I first tried the app, I felt really self conscious- even on my second attempt. Although after the second stage, I really felt at ease. The soothing voice and general relaxing tone, really allowed me just to have ten minutes away from anything.

Its a short process.

Ten days, is all it takes, ten days out of your life to potentially help ease stress and anxiety. Each session is only ten minutes long- the time it takes to make a coffee and put your slippers on. A small amount of time you wouldn't realised had passed, which could turn into your favourite ten minutes of your day.

Its Free.

Now this is something I can't get my head around. It doesn't cost a thing. The soothing tones, the amazing advice and restful feeling, costs absolutely nothing. I would, personally, pay for the app. The Headspace App has really allowed me to take time out for myself, something that I find so easy to forget.

The downside.

If you're really struggling with anxiety, I wouldn't suggest this app. When your feeling so incredibly anxious, your mind is constantly going one hundred miles an hour. The Headspace App is all about taking some time away from those thoughts. Yet, you can't escape anxiety- those thoughts are always with you. If you're suffering with severe anxiety or depression i wouldn't suggest this app.

This review.

I have tried to be as fair as possible within this review. This App is brilliant but it may not be for everyone. I do believe the message behind the app is simple; take time out, relax, rejuvenate and love yourself. Whether the app is for you, your mental health should be a priority, yet for many ( like me), its a difficult task.

I hope you enjoyed my realistic, review of The Heads
pace App, please leave a comment and let me know if you have tried or want to try it in the future.



  1. I haven't tried this yet Em but I've heard good things about it so far! I'm glad that it helped you somewhat in relieving stress and anxiety xx

  2. I think I might need to download this app! It would be great to use on a night just before bed!

    Sian x

  3. I've heard of this app, I actually think I did have it before, but I'll have to re-download it. I'm not super stressed or anything but I definitely need to take some time out of my day to switch off.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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