Travel goals:UK.

Recently I have been working on my Thirty things to do before I am Thirty list. What I've noticed throughout is how much i want to travel both in the UK . I am very nervous traveller, up until recently I hated trains and if I'm still honest the idea of flying terifies me. Here are just a few of the places i would love to go sometime soon.


I LOVE Whitby, from the sea air to exquisite restaurants, there is just something magical in the air. Rustic buildings line the street, with museums and art galleries enriching the culture, further . Its such a beautiful city which I hold some of my dearest memories, from buying my first stone to seeing a seal in the marina (just to name two of the 100's I have).

Being home to Draculas Final resting place (apparently) Whitby is Ghost tours, Gothic Weekends and so much more Whitby really does have something for everyone. As you can tell its a place I am incredibly in love with.

Hotels are quite pricey, but if you can afford a little more- Whitby is definitely the place to beat.


Having previously been to London a few times, I still feel like there is more to see. Madamn toussauds, The Tower of London and the numerous westend shows, it is plainly obvious why i want to go back. One of my favourite websites to find West End shows is WatchonStage, it displays all of the amazing shows, with links to tickets and directions to theatres.

The rich herritidge of the city along with magical influences of films both past and present, flows through the city. Leaving the worst traveller wanting to go back and see the amazing sites.


Edinbrugh iss filled with magic from the Edinbrugh Tattoo to Edinbrugh Castle. There is beautiful scenery where ever you go. Every street has something new, Chritmas markets,Burns Night Celebrations or even a quaint little pub. Beauty is everywhere and only a few hours away on the train.

Hope you enjoyed this little blog. Let me know where your planning to go on your stay- cation.




  1. I love all of these places! I'd definitely recommend visiting Edinburgh at Christmas time as the markets are unbelievable! Also, I definitely think that York should be on your list so you can come and visit me! ;) x

  2. Whitby is somewhere I've been many times with it being not too far away! I can tell you the name of a lovely set of apartments on the outskirts, just a short walk into the centre. They are lush too! I love London too but the prices seem to be getting so much more expensive to stay there!

    Sian x

  3. I went to Edinburgh when I was younger and I really want to go back. And London is one of my favourite places. I've just booked flights to go back at the end of August and I am so excited. And I'll have to check out that west end link- I want to go to my first west end show this time and I had no clue where to look for tickets

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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