Day 1: February favorites.

So to kick of Make it happen March, I would do my first Monthly Favorite! Here are just a few things i can not live without!

Clothing and fashion.

Faith Boots

Like many others, out there I can only dream of owning the Givenchy Elegant boots(£925.00). Having fallen in love watching Fleur De Force strut around in some stunning snake skin Elegant boots I knew I had to find a high street alternative. Having initially fallen in love with the River Island remake - which are extremely similar in every detail (£80 and in store only).  I was so surprised to see that the buckle actually made me feel look flat. After leaving River Island empty handed, I strolled into Debenhams!

These beautiful black boots were only £45 and the buckles did not swamp my feet. It is safe to day I am in love and the cost per wear already is minimal. I just love them!

Beauty and skin care

Clinique Eye Cream.

Okay so I am a little late to the party when it comes to all things Clinique, all I can say is I am so excited to try more! The All About Eyes Rich eye cream is just perfect, it is thick enough to penetrate he skins surface without a gloopy texture. The eye cream feels light on the skin, yet still hydrating. Having to only use a small amount, it takes only a few second to buff into the skin.

This has been such a great introduction to the Clinique brand- my next purchase will be take the day off cleanser or the matching moisturizer.

Films and documentaries.

Blue Planet is coming back and I for one cannot wait to watch it. David Attenborough is amazing. A national treasure that literally could not do any wrong.


Bridget Jones’ Dairy-


Who doesn’t feel like Bridget? The struggles of non-existent skirt, flirtation with bosses and a lot of booze – need I say more (Full review coming shortly!).


I know there is not a lot here but they are truly the things I have love and will continue to do so. Hope you enjoyed this little blog.

See you tomorrow!



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