Day 21: Night Time Skincare Routine!


Hi guys,

With hormones stress and just not looking after myself I have had such a bad break out! It’s taken me so long to tame it! After this break out I am now more than ever determined to maintain my nightly routine, simply because it’s working. This simple process of 4 products, which takes 5 minutes and had really helped hydrate me skin.

The products and prices (All based on the current Boots Prices- may go up or down)

·         Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Face Wash, £3.89.

·         Garnier Micellar Water, £3.33 currently, normally £4.99.

·         Clinique Eye Cream - £22.50

·         L’Oreal Rose Age Perfect Golden Age - £9.99, currently on sale due to the product being new.

This product is targeted at 50+ age group(I am only 24) but it’s so hydrating and after a few days of using it my skin looked so much better. My skin tone was better and it just looked youthful.

 Routine time.

Initially using Boots Tea tree and Witch hazel Face wash, by wetting the face prior to application. Using the facial wash in circular motions, really helps get hard to move make up off your face. Continue this circular motions until the foam has melted into the face and wash away the excess.

Tip: Only use two pumps of the face wash, to make sure no product is wasted.

After the face wash is washed away, use a dry towel to take away any of the left over moisture. Once the face is dry, use the Garnier Micellar Water to take away any extra bits of make up or oil. Taking a cotton pad and use the Micellar water to dampen the cotton pad- making sure not to sodden the pad as this sometimes doesn’t make it as effective. Again use circular motions, concentrating at the hard to reach places such as the hair line.

After thoroughly cleansing the face, use the Clinique Eye Cream. Picking up a small amount on your ring finger and gently pat the product on the eye, making sure to include the eye bags, and socket. After this use the L’Oreal Rose Age Perfect Golden Age Moisturizer all over the face using circular motions to generate blood flow to the skin.

So there we have it! My simple night routine which has really helped my skin! Hope it helps.

Much Love!





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