Day 22: Mini Boots Haul and First Impressions!

Hi everyone, hope your well!

I have been wanting to change my make up a little, introducing new products for spring; I tend to keep to the same products. So when I went into boots on Friday I thought why not have a little splurge and try some things out.

So here is my Boot’s Haul and First Impressions.

L’Oreal Infallible 24 hr Matte Powder, £6.99.

Initially buying the color warm beige, I was so worried that it would be too warm for my skin. I honestly never needed to be. The lightest amount creates the best coverage, I have seen for a powder. This is the perfect alternative to a loose powder as it just gives an extra nod to flawless skin.

Also it gets massive brownie points for having a mirror in a separate compartment to the mirror; it needs to stay clean somehow!.

L’Oreal colour riche in 103 and 104.

Now I am not going to lie I definitely bought 103, Blush in a rush because Lydia Millen has raved about it. And I have to say it is a lovely peachy colour, Not sure if its right for me yet but I will definitely stick with it! The formula for both of these lipsticks is actually really nice, it’s quite thick I recommend putting lip balm on prior to application.

104, is a great mid pink; slightly to bright for nude but not bright enough for a bold lip. The colour is stunning an in my opinion will suit most skin tones. A simply stunning spring lip.

I feel like there should be a colour in-between these two, there both beautiful but the colouring doesn’t seem to flow.

The packaging of this product is so beautiful, the croc effect with gold detailing is definitely something else! I, personally, prefer it to MAC. I looks beautiful.

MaxFactor Marble collection(just the wrapping was marble- I was gutted)

This collections was shown at the end of the make-up counters in boots, the packaging called to me! With an offer of spending over £15 and get three full sized products, I knew I couldn’t say no.

What I bought…

Max Factor, Elixir Lipstick in Burnt Caramel 745, £7.99.

I love this. The formula, the colour; EVERYTHING! It’s so soft on the lip. I think it will wear quite quickly throughout the day but every make up lover knows that that is the price we must bare for a comfortable lipstick.

The gold (not marble) packaging is nice, nowhere to the standard of L’Oreal but the product is more comfortable on the lip. So they both have their pro’s and con’s.

Maxfactor Velvet Volume, Mascara,£11.99.

MaxFactor mascaras will always be a winner for me, the product is beautiful and completely works with my lashes. Creating voluminous lashes till the very last lash, I am so happy that I bought this product.

What I got free… (We all love a freebee)

MaxFactor Crème Puff Blush in Seductive Pink

I have been a fan of this blush for a while, normally I do chose a softer colour but this is just beautiful. Using this as a flush of colour really creates a smooth and fresh look. And isn’t that all we  want for a blush?

(I know it’s not a first impression but I do love this product)

MaxFactor 2000 Calorie  Mascara.

Its stunning! I haven’t had a high street product which has made my lashes feel so long ! Creating the most beautiful lashes with minimal effort, if I’m honest I wowed by the product and will definitely be repurchasing!

Currently: I am using a combination of the two mascaras, it creates volume, length and stunning definition.

MaxFactor Lip-finity shade 006.

Now, I don’t know where to start with this. I love the concept of it, its brilliant. However, I really don’t like this product. It applied quite streaky, and instantly made my lips looked dry. It is really comfortable on the lip once the second product has been applied and it does, last all day!

I am aware I didn’t apply it that well and I will be trying it again- but right now I am just not sure.

I know there all the same brand…

I know that these are all similar brands, but I do tend to go for 3 for 2 offers or buying products if they have a free gift. Yes I know, its bad but I feel like can see the best and the worst a brand has to offer and create a good solid opinion.

Hope you enjoyed this little boots hall !

See you tomorrow!






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