Day 4:My work with Student Pocket Guide

Sourced from Student Pocket Guide.

Hi everyone,
Hope you’re all well. I wanted to put a little blog together to show you that sometimes you just gave to grab an opportunity while you can. A few months ago, I was scrolling down Facebook and stumbled upon an advert for writers for Student Pocket Guide. After initially being skeptical- as I am no longer a student and I might not be able to provide relevant content.

What is Student Pocket.

Student Pocket guide is an online website, which creates content specifically aimed at students. Dealing with issues such as living arrangements to how to build up your CV, the brand continuously tries to aid the life of any student out there.

Why I love writing for them.

I do love writing for  Student Pocket, it allows my work to be seen by people that wouldn’t necessarily ready Only the Jaded. Not only that but I can look into areas which I wouldn’t usually, such as travel and Anxiety.  The team behind the blogs are so lovely and couldn’t support you enough- making it a pleasure to write for them.

Even though I don’t produce as much content as I would like to, I am so happy to be able to write for such an amazing magazine.  From initially being tentative working with Student Pocket allowed me to get the bug for writing back.                                              

Going forward.

I aim to write at least one blog post for Student pocket a month. It isn’t a lot but with work and my own blog I struggle to make sure I can complete content to the best I possibly can.  So going forward, I hope to continue doing the work to further develop my skills within this magazine.

As I say most days (and blogs) little steps create giant leaps, working with Student Pocket has done exactly that. I couldn’t thank it enough.



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