Day 19: What's in my Workbag?

Hi everyone,

So before I treat myself to a new work bag. I thought I would show you all the chaos in my current one. Currently I am using a throw back hand bag, my black basic River Island  bag. I think this was the first of many of River Island bags(so I’m blaming this one on my obsession with the brand.)

I throw everything I need and more into this bag, so without further ado, let’s have a look.


Everyone has them, they are both from Sainsbury’s and probably consist of what I bought for lunch that day.  I’m quite surprised there isn’t more.

Bert’s Bees, Pear and coconut lip balm.

I have one of these in every bag, if I’m run down my lips chap terribly and this seems to be the only thing that works for them. I find it so moisturizing and it doesn’t cost the earth; now I defininately hate to be without it.

L’Oreal Color Riche Matte, in 103 Blush in a rush.

I like to have an everyday lipstick in my bag and this seems to be the current one! After seeing Lydia Elise Millen rock this lipstick for the past few days I took the plunge and bought it.  Although I’m not entirely sure this suits my skin tone but it does look lovely after ive fake tanned.

Also, how stunning is this packaging! L’Oreal definitely knocks it out of the ball park with there packaging.

An empty bottle of Paco Rabanne, Olympia.

Prior to the scent change, I loved this perfume. I wore it every day to the point there wasn’t anything left. The bottle is beautiful and I just can’t bring myself to throw it away- so I’ve hoarded it in my bag instead.

25p in change.


My inhaler.

I have had asthma all my life and always take an inhaler with me, where ever I go.  


Pretty self-explanatory.

Glasses and Sunglasses.

Both my prescription sunglasses and ‘normal’ glasses stay in my work bag at all times- otherwise I lose them.

Car Keys

I drive an 04 Clio, I feel naked without my keys.

And finally.

Two out of date Bourjois True Brown velvet lip.

I love this so much I bought it at least 10 times. Yet, these stink, leading me very strongly to belive that they need to be thrown away!

So I hope you enjoyed my what’s in my workbag. Why not catch up with my Handbag Necessities.

 Keep your eyes posted for  up and coming blogs.


Thanks  for reading!





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