Day 3: Oh Bridge!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been stumbling around my twenties pretending to know what I’m doing. It wasn’t until I read Bridget Jones Diary that I realized that its something  we all do! Everyone at some point in their lives have struggle with dating, weight and even the decisions that we make. Bridget jones, showed that even the most cringe worthy choices can always be rectified (Yes I am aware that is isn’t real). Fin

The book

If you don’t know about Bridget Jones’ you are sorely missing out. Patricia Fielding’s novel about a twenty something plodding her way through life. Making mistake after mistake and still showing the world who’s boss. Fighting against ’Fuckwittage’ with her trusty group of friends and emergency meetings at Café Rouge, it’s safe to say Bridget jones will go down in history.

Why twenties.

Twenties are a strange point in your life, in theory you should be an adult, paying  bills saving for a rainy day but in fact your drinking wine out the bottle and strutting around like Beyoncé in your pajamas. As a rule no one ever looks back on their twenties and thinks, I had it all together.
Like many twenty something’s I dream of having it all together and tell myself every morning that today is the day I adult. And I fail every day.

New Generation of Jones’

From sex with your boss to wishing you could fit into designer pieces, I think we can all agree we are a new generation of Jones’.  Bridget Jones opened the door for many twenty something’s to feel like they were not struggling alone.

By springing a hilarious twist on paying bills, driving and dating Patricia Fielding has forged a new world for struggling women everywhere.  The ultimate feminist displaying flaws and challenging the idea of imperfections. Bridget Jones’s should be a role model to all – not for the choices she makes but for the way she never gave up and allowed herself to be eaten by Alsatians.  

It’s Okay…  Sometime you need Vodka and Chaka Kahn.

Being the generation of Jones’ isn’t the worst thing in the world. There’s nothing more satisfying than belting you favorite song into your hair brush whilst getting ready to have a few with the girls. The overall meaning of the franchise, to me personally is, we are all going to fall down, but what matters is how we pick out selves back up.
Have to love it.



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