Day 12: Spring Must Haves:Shoes

Hi everyone,

I don't know if you've noticed but the days are getting longer, the birds are singing and we have seen the sun! Spring is definitely on the way.So let me introduce you to the first in a 3 part series in Spring must haves. And the first one is shoes!

High street

As per usual the high street is killing all the trends and then some. From low end to high end high street I the British high street has most definitely out done itself. I don't have a favourite store this year! All of them have blown my little shopaholic mind.


Oasis, Scalloped Point Flat Ballet Pump, £26.

Whilst we all dream of a work free summer its just not possible, although Oasis have created the perfect Spring/Summer work shoe. The black pointed ballet shoe will suit skirts, dresses (with or without tights) and trousers. The scallop detailing is the perfect feminine touch adding to the style of the season.


RAID Ava Rose Gold Point Mid Heel Shoes, £29.99.

Weddings, parties or just for the days you want to dress up, heels are a must in Spring/Summer. The perfect on trend wedding shoes, which go with most outfits are the RAID Ava Rose Gold point mid heel shoes.

The stunning rose gold colour really does suit most outfits, skin colours and ages. They really are just beautiful. The pointed shoe extends the legs whilst still adding to any outfit. Personally, I think that these beauties would look insane with a lilac purple dress.

ASOS TOP SHOT Heeled Sandals, £38.00.

Now these shoes are possibly the most expensive shoes on the list. Yet they truly are stunning. The ankle strap perfectly support the foot, making these shoes so comfortable. And comfort is important!

The blush colour is so on trend for the rest of the year- not only for summer. The wooden heel is perfect for summer, matching well with denim and summer dresses alike. Overall, these shoes will be a staple in your wardrobe for 2017!

Misguided Rounded Barely there Heel, £30.00.

How stunning is these pillar box red heels! perfect for indoor weddings, teamed with a simple blush dress- perfect wedding attire. The four straps, placed from ankle to toes will stop the shoes feeling loose and add to the sophisticated nature of the shoe! If you can cope with the height of the heel, these shoes are perfect for you.


New Look, Wide fit Metal Bar Sandal, £8.99.

Its summer you need a killer sandal and I have not seen any more perfect than these babies! New Look release these sandals every year, and they just work. These sandals are one of the cheapest yet most comfortable sandals I have ever warn. The nude colouring goes with anything just adding to the perfection!

 River Island Multi Buckle Detail Sandal, £32.00.

For the edge-ier folk, t but these buckle sandals are stunning. A perfect shoe fort he 90's grunge style that is all over ! The only down side to the shoe is that you will possibly get the buckle caught on everything. That may just be a price you have to pay.

Hope you enjoyed this little post, hopefully you'll e back tomorrow for accessories and Jewellery.

Lots of love,



*** As it goes without saying, these views are entirely mine, no brands have been affiliated with them in any way. All images are soucred from Asos and another source.***


  1. The heeled sandals are to die for! Can't wait to start changing up my shoe choices as the weather gets warmer, great choices!

    With Love Yossy x

    1. Tell me about it! Can't wait to cheer my wardrobe up a little.

      Thankyou for your comment, have a lovely week xxx

  2. Thank you for your comment lovely!

    I love the black scalloped shoes, so versatile. And those flat sandals from New Look, they bring them out every year and every year I buy a few pairs - so easy to just throw on! Lovely post, can't wait to see the next in the series!


    1. Thankyou! Those shoes are so cute! They do ! Starting to become a staple!

      Your blogs are amazing keep up the great work ! Xx


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