Day 6: Massive technology fail!

So, today my laptop of 4 years has officially given up and I'm not entirely sure how make it happen March will carry on. I'm really sorry if my blogs are intermittent for a while. I promise to do my best.

Day: 6 should have been 'Spending ban' but instead it's ' Let's take a step back'

One of my main pet peeves is that I am really hot headed. If something upsets or stresses me I try to take a step back and assess the situation.

Is it important..
RULE: If it's not life threatening it's not worth making yourself ill over.

Focusing solely on an issue or incident will always make you're  attitude to life so much more difficult. Stress limits thoughts, creating a sheer lack of clarity.

What would some one else do?
RULE: What would Beyoncé do in this situation?

She would probably flick her hair back and deal with it. Sit back and truly asses the situation. Is there a way around it? Can some one else help? And can it be fixed?

If any of these questions have an answer, which is positive the start the process of solving the problem. Just make sure your calm.

End result.
RULE: It all comes out in the wash.

In the end everything will work out. Stress come and goes but overall it will be sorted and how it's meant to be. Life has a funny way of working out.





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