Day 8: Women, May we be them!



SO, today is a day of celebration. Celebration of sass, power and all things that make a woman. I  could think of no other way than to pay homage to people who inspire me. My inspiration can be many things from their strength, how they empower others or purely for the fact that watching them makes me want to be better.

Personally I believe all women ‘make the world go around’. All women have these five characteristics, it’s just how they chose to use them is truly  beautiful. In this blog, I have listed and gave reason to those that inspire me, both celebrities and friends.  Hope you enjoy!

Empowerment –Emma Watson.

A true feminist in every sense of the word. ‘What have my tit’s got to do with it’ will go down in the history books. Her empowerment of all women is just jaw dropping, her fights for equality is something else and the fact she does it all with a smile is truly, truly perfect. When people ask me who my ultimate celebrity is I say her for all those reason and more.

Strength- Katie Piper.

Now, strength in this sense isn’t anything to do with muscles or how much you can lift. It is however, overcoming any situation, whether you think you can or not. For me, I’ve seen no truer strength than Katie Piper. Not because she was a victim of an horrific incident, but for the fact she is still continuing to show people that help is out there.

Her work with not only her own charity but others too, is amazing. She’s currently working with other positive people and L’Oreal to aid the Princes trust. Helping people find their worth is such an incredible gift and one many don’t have the opportunity to find. I think Katie is an amazing human being, and for that I don’t have enough words to thank her.

Understanding- my best friend (now, pass the sick bucket).

Now this lady could be in strength, as she is the most incredible human I have ever met(unless she’s hungry- then run). Not only does she never take no for an answer, she never lets me take no for an answer. I am so lucky to have a best friend like her. Her ability to have a ‘give ‘em hell’ attitude, and yet truly understands the meaning of understanding is perfect.

I’ve been through a lot over the years and she has understood all of it. From the loss of my grandparents to my struggles of with men. She has always been there, telling me to shut up and drink and/or shop. I can only hope I do as good a job in return (probably not).

I make a lot of mistakes, but having her as my partner in crime is most definitely not one of them. I could spend hours about the many times we’ve danced, laughed and thrown up- but I won’t. I just want to say a big thank you. And I can’t wait to book our get away!

Empowerment, Strength and understanding…

All aspects of a woman that makes us the force that we are, from mothers doing the school run, to CEO’s there is something to be said for women – and that is a true form of BADASS.







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