Day 20: Weekly Roundup!

So I thought I haven’t done a Weekend Edit recently so I thought I would update you on the last 7 days of my life. From binge watching Project Runway to my struggle with panic attacks; its seems to have been a mixed bag this week.  Hope you enjoy this little update!

Binge watching the best of the worst TV shows!

So this week can only be summed up by binge watching anything Netflix has to offer and googling what’s happening in TOWIE. Yes, I am fully aware that my taste in TV show’s is questionable but I love them! This week Project run way has taken over and I have watched a full series just a day. I can’t believe that there’s only two series on Netflix!


For a girl who’s saving, I have done a good bit of shopping. I have officially destroyed my savings – not that there was a lot. Recently, I have put a lot of pressure on myself to save, which meant as soon as I allowed myself into Boots and then the Next Sale, I went a little mad.


This section is slightly hard for me to talk about- it may be brief. This week I have struggled with panic attacks. I’ve had so many emotional strains this week I couldn’t control them. Although I do now have steps in place to try and overcome them. So fingers crossed I’ll be back to myself in no times.

It’s been a dramatic week- quite a lot of which I have kept private and will talk about at a later date.

I’m so sorry this is so short but I really wanted a catch up. This week has been so hard and ended as shit as it started. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Keep an eye out for my daily blogs until April the 1st!

Much love!




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