Day 2: Get To Know me Tag.

Hi Everyone,
To celebrate the second day of Make it happen March I thought I would upload a get to know me tag. After reaching more views in the past few months than I ever thought possible I thought I would be slightly more open. Discussing certain personal things is really hard for me to do, so please only positive.

Hope you enjoy!

The Tag!

1. Zodiac Sign-

2. 3 Fears
Flying, failing and not being good enough.

3. 3 things I love.
My family, friends and my dog, Louie.

4. Last song that I listened to.
Shape of you – Ed Sheerhan, possibly.  I was listening to the radio on the way to work.

5. 4 Turn ones,
Make me laugh, ambition, nice smile and a just a very warm personality.

6. 4 turn offs
Lying, cheating, extremely negative and bad body odor.

7. How many Tattoos/ Piercings do I have.
Two tattoos one of a humming bird and the other of a butterfly, both on my feet
I have my lobes pieced and my Tragus.

8. How do I feel right now.
I’m okay, nothing special, nothing bad.

9.My current Relationship status,
I am in a relationship and have been for around 5/6 months.

10. Someone I miss.
My Nana, Grannie and Granddad (sorry can’t be biased)

11. Someone I love
My mum- I am fiercely protective of her. Whether she thinks it or not, I really do just have her best interests at heart.

12. My relationship with my parents.
Pretty good. There has been some rocky moments but right now it’s great.

13.3 Things that upset me.
Animal Cruelty, Bullying and abuse to the elderly.

14. 3 things that make me happy.
Family, Sales and Kung Fu Panda (I love it- I have a problem).

15. My favorite animal.
Penguins. Seriously, I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to express my love for them.

16. Something that’s worrying me.
My weight. I  am constantly battling  with my weight, I am such a comfort eater so trying to find other sources of comfort is so daunting. I am currently failing miserably.

17.My future goals.
·         To start a career.
·         Travel more
·         Start being more selfish- I seem to do a lot of worrying about other people and not a lot about myself.

18.Something I fantasies about.
Drinking and eating my way around Italy.

19. What I did yesterday.
Went for a walk, organized my life (only a little bit) and slept.

20.My idea of a perfect date.
I don’t need to see a lot of romance, films and a pizza will do.

21.My celeb crush.
Jason Mamoa. I think it speaks for itself.

22. My favorite Blogs.
I love Lydia Elise Millen, Meg says and of course, Fleur de force. Yet, my favorite small blog Is Daryl Ivanna Richardson.

23. Number of children I want.
2/3? Although my children may be dogs.

24. Do I smoke/Drink?
No I don’t smoke. And yes I do like a drink but I try to be aware of my drinking habits.

Hope you enjoyed these 24 questions (one for every year of my age). See you tomorrow!



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