In recent weeks we have seen the best and the worst of humanity. Well tonight in the UK, we will yet again be seeing the best. With a lineup of comedians, viewers, musicals and every other for of entertainment you can think off. With all* profits going to charities across the world.

Also I cannot contain my excitement for love actually. I may cry- expect an emotional tweet.

What am I doing you ask ?

Well, after donating some money (at work and on the phone). I am going to curl up with my dog and my mum and enjoy the night. Listening to the stories, learn the facts and showing my support for everyone who takes the time to get involved. Snuggled in my mermaid blanket with a glass of Prosecco, I couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate.

Why it’s important.

There are so many people struggling across the world, poverty, depression, loneliness. Surely if comic relief can help organizations to better any situation I has to be a bonus?


So I hope you will join me in celebrating the work anyone out there is doing for Red Nose Day!

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow.






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