What I have learnt so far: Daily Blogging.

Hi guys!

So over the past month, I have been daily blogging. The response has been unreal and I cannot be thankful enough! It has defiatelt been an eye openinng experience an i am so happy I have done it! But, I have learnt a little bit along the way.


  • There are great twitter forums which will help you develop your blog #GRLPOWER AND @LazyBlogging to name but a few. 
  • Thursday is a great day for communicating with other bloggers, there seems to be loads of chats. The blogging community itself has been such an amazing part of blogging and continues to inspire me constantly.
  • Daily blogging has given me the opportunity to express my own personal blogging style. And its been received so well; I honestly can't believe it.
  • I promised to try and show my personality threw my blogs, with the views and comments I have received has been so supportive! Thank you so much!

  • Cant focus on a blog you can be proud off- I am so happy that I am developing my writing but sometimes I feel like the blogs that deserve a little bit more love don't get it.
  • The pressure of daily blogging is in sane, all the content needs to be of the same standard and it all needs to stay true to you as a blogger.
  • Sometimes you have to force content- once content is being forced it loses it integrity. Not every daily blogger feels like this but staying true to yourself and your audience is key!

Daily blogging is so difficult, finding content and trying to express yourself is a content struggle. Although, I can honestly say that if I hadn't started daily blogging I wouldn't have created a clear idea of the direction of my blog. I wouldn't have met the people that have inspired me to carry on.

And I wouldn't have had the response and acceptance of my blog.

Thank you.




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