Day 29: Trips for the Bad Traveller.

I have to admit something to you. I am an awful traveller. I think it comes down to the fact that I haven’t been to many places. I find airports stressful, flights make me feel sick and I don’t understand why after the departure gate everyone is so rude! I dream of going places I have never been to; travelling to the world seems like a dream to me. I hope these destinations inspire you.

Some-what okay.


Only a two hour train ride away this stunning city is home to all things magical. From the beautiful Christmas market to Edinburgh Castle. There is something to be said about the incredible history which seeps through every inch of the city.

Quaint little stores, hotels and visitor sites will cost you a pretty penny. Isn’t it worth spending a little bit extra to see what the UK has to offer.

Tip for the bad traveller:  Take a big scarf, a book coffee and chocolate.  Use this time less as travelling, create a relaxed feeling.


Okay, this isn’t an easy-to-get-to destination if you’re from the North. Various different train changes, can make any one nervous. Personally,  I hate the idea of missing my train: I would rather be an hour early than an hour late.

Anyway, the romance, culture and wine which flows through Paris, will hopefully be enough to drive you to go. If you’re going with someone, why not have a few glasses of Rose’ on the train snuggle up and watch a film.

Tip: watching a favourite film is a great way of calming your nerves. Choose a film which will make you laugh; laughing makes the time go faster.

Can I really take this?

Pefkos, Rhodes, Greece.

A 4 hour flight stands in the path of you and the most stunning fishing village. Quintessentially Greek, the picturesque views, secret beaches and amazing people just scream the beauty of Greece. Don’t let the flight stop you- this destination is worth the stress.

A 15 minute taxi to the neighbouring village of Lindos, provides the perfect place to shop. A perfect day trip.

Tip: This is something I swear buy. When arriving into departures, buy yourself a treat. Whether it’s a designer piece or even just a glass of Champagne. Giving yourself a little bit of luxury can really take the edge off.  Personally, I also have a bit of Dutch courage when I’m in the air too- need to break up the flight.


For a unique city break why not grab the girls and have a little trip to Budapest. The culture, art and pubs will make for the perfect weekend away. A dream destination of mine, it would be a truly magical trip.

Tip: The flight isn’t extremely long, you will probably spend more time in the airport. Organize everything to hand. Making sure all essentials are easy to access i.e. boarding pass, tickets and some sort of treat(for me it would be a kinder Bueno!).

Absolute dream.

New York.

Flying for this amount of time scares me so much. I hate being confined in a tin can. As much as I understand the flights are different, and there’s more room etc. Yet I can only hope that one say the stores, Broadway and vibe of the city pulls me to go.

Tip: take a pamper package. Face wipes, sheet mask and an expensive moisturizer- may make the flight a little easier.

Hope these destinations have inspired you to book a little get away. Everyone needs some time out , things can get a little much if not. These destinations are my dream destinations. I can’t speak for anyone else, I just wish you many happy travels.

Happy Travels.




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