Day 13: Spring Must Haves Accesories!

Hi everyone,

What an incredible day! A true Spring day in its finest! The second instalment of my Spring must haves is Jewelry and Accessories. Dressing for spring is such an exciting time and updating accessories is a simple yet effective way to update any outfit. Hope you enjoy.


A simple yet classic way to spruce up any outfit. Jewelry is a classic statement and a minor way of displaying personal style. Focusing on delicate accessories to coincide with the bold and deliberate trends- I hope you find something you like.

Exactly how I would describe them. The beautiful crescent moon studs, would complement  every one. For £6.00 even if they aren’t the best quality. Can you really say no?

A dainty and feminine touch to any outfit these arrows are beautiful and are truly to be desired. A simply yet  striking way to add a little something extra to an outfit.

Tip: Dainty jewelry works perfectly with the floral prints seen all over the high street. Combing the two creates a beautiful feminine twist, in a classic way.



 River Island, Grey Floral Embroidery Lock Front Satchel, £26.00.(Unfortunately I can't find the link. It is on the app though!)

This little gem is one of the most charming bags on the highs street. The color suits all outfits, with the addition of the embroidery, this gorgeous little satchel is a perfect on trend piece. The bag itself looks quite small, although, a phone, make up, purse and a camera can all comfortably fit.

At £26.00 its truly a bargain!

Be Bold.

Bold bags are everywhere, from day bags to clutch bags, reds golds and in your face patterns have exploded over the high street. And I love it.

This beautiful geometric clutch bag is perfect for any wedding or spring time event. The style of the bag will go with any spring time out fit.  Personally, I would team it with a blush dress with nude shoes. Although, there are a few things I don’t like about the bag. It seems to be quite small so if you hoard things in your handbag, then it might not be for you.


The sun is shining and hay fever has arrived; it’s time to wear sunglasses.

The high street Classics.

A unique but very similar dupe to the classic Quay. These black framed glasses will act as an oversized statement. From work to parties these glasses are suitable for any weather. A statement if ever I saw one.

These Multi- colored mirrored sunglasses are epic, they hide the eye very easily (so nosey around at your pleasure). Honestly they are a perfect alternative to the Ray Ban Aviators (£200+). Overall, they sizing is huge; the glasses take up most of your face- so be careful of tan lines.

they are beautiful but slightly un-wearable, but for £8.99 they may just be worth giving them a chance.


I hope you have enjoyed this second instalment into Spring Must haves! Now let’s talk Clothes….



*** images sourced from stores themselves ***


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