Day 23: My go to High-Street Stores!

When my things finally get delivered it feels like a little present to myself and I’m instantly excited about all the things I have bought. Recently I have been into stores but I always leave feeling a little less sure off my purchases. 
ASOS, is honestly my go to place, when it comes to anything. Sportswear, pajamas, literally anything that I would possibly want I always start with ASOS. I think what draws me to the brand is that there are so many options, there’s a petite section, tall and curvy too. ASOS really do cater for most body shapes which is such a hard challenge in itself.
Not only that but it has a range of brands and pricing, from ASOS own to Whistles, it will fit everyone pricing. One of my issues with the brand is that the quality isn’t guaranteed. Due to the numerous brands on the ASOS site, the quality of one garment can significantly vary from another. Sometimes the postage can be a little off but they definitely make it worthwhile when its free!
River Island
Okay I have got a little bit of an obsession with this store, I get it! I just think that they are a great high street store. I have had some instances when some staff members haven’t been overly nice about my body shape(I struggle with my weight), so I tend to use the app.
River Island is always bang on when it comes to trends, yet it also has classically cut pieces such as pencil skirts and stunning detailed shirts. The introduction of the curve line is brilliant, it gives the chance for young curvaceous ladies to express themselves more – but some of the brands more risky pieces just aren’t for me.
This is a shop I have definitely grown into, a few years back I though Next was for ‘grannies’. Yet now I am one of the lunitics at the Next sale! I love it ! There pieces are such high quality and so wearable! And seriously don’t get me started on their homeware pieces. It is on the pricey side of the high street but I really do love the clothing.
The only issue is have is that some of the jeans aren’t cut for a curvier lady, i.e. some one which a bottom. Although, you can’t have everything!
New Look
A great affordable store which has definitely moved with the times. And currently they are one of the best, on trend and great quality stores on the high-street. Recently their prices have started to go up. Although the quality definitely has. There seems to be something for everyone. 
Petite, curve, tall you name it they have it; not at a bad price point too!
 So I hope you love these brands as much as I do! And keep an eye out for my next haul- coming pretty soon!


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